Burp Your Baby the Right Way


The gas in your baby’s belly is what makes them uncomfortable and irritated. Therefore, burping your baby frequently can help release the gas, making them feel better and preventing any crying caused by the pain of the gas inside of your baby’s belly.

What causes gas in your baby’s belly?

Swallowing air

Babies have not yet developed the ability to avoid swallowing air. The air goes through their stomachs along with the milk or formula that they drank earlier.


The process in which foods are being broken down by bacteria in the large intestines can naturally create gas in your baby’s tummy.

Allergic reaction or food intolerance

If the baby is breastfed and has an intolerance to certain foods in mommy’s diet, their body reacts by creating gas in the tummy. In most cases, dairy intolerance is what makes babies have gas in their tummies.

When to burp your baby

Consider giving your baby a burping if they seem uncomfortable, squirmy or if they pull away and start crying. Some parents burp their child while they have gone through half of the bottle, or have nearly finished nursing.

Burping is not necessary if the baby seems content, or they have fallen asleep during or after a feeding. By the time your baby reaches 4 to 6 months old, they have outgrown burping. To be specific, they have become efficient eaters and they do not swallow as much air compared to the past.

How to burp your baby

On the shoulder

Hold your baby up high enough so that your shoulders gently press on their belly. This position will create enough pressure so that the gas in their tummy can go out by burping. Support their body with one hand and gently rub or pat their back with the other. During the process, make sure that your baby is comfortable and that they can breathe normally. You can look at your position in the mirror to ensure that their head is placed correctly. Then they are ready to be burped.

Beware that they can spit up or puke during the process. Therefore, prepare a piece of cloth in advance so that you do not have to clean the mess after you burp your baby.

Sitting on your lap

Help your baby sit in your lap in an upright position where their face is facing away from you. Use one hand to support their body, and the other hand gently rub or pat their back. The palm of the hand you use to hold your baby should support their chest while your fingers support their chin and jaw. Beware that this position calls for attention since you can accidentally put your fingers around their throat.

Before burping your baby using this method, keep in mind that your baby may spit up or puke on your lap, just like the method above. So, put a piece of cloth on your lap to avoid this situation.

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