The Impact of NCDs
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The Impact of NCDs
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) are the global leading cause of death, accounting for 71% of deaths worldwide. During the annual UN General Assembly 2018 that concluded ...
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The Best Treatment to Skin Peeling After Sunburn
Sunburn is a term for overexposure of skin’s condition to the ultraviolet or UV rays sourced from the sunlight which can cause a swollen, red and painful skin. It brings damage to the epidermal cells and melanocytes ...
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How to Remove Deep Acne Scar Marks from Your Face
  Having an intact and smooth facial skin is a dream of all. Flawless skin without any undesired scars on the face is very much concern especially for youngsters and young adults. Having acne around our faces ...
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How to Improve Blood Circulation During Muscle Cramps
Muscle cramps can be so disturbing and irritating. Few causes of muscle cramps involve poor blood circulation particularly around your extremities such as legs and arms, overuse of muscle during exercise, exercise ...
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Treating Sports Injuries Among Children
Kids participation in any kind of sports activities will enhance and stretch their capability and limit of doing something adventurous and socializing with their peers as part of conclusive social life. As for the ...
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nocturnal pruritis
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Say Goodbye to Nocturnal Pruritus
Pruritus or itchy skin is often time exacerbated at night resulting in sleep disturbance and deterioration in the quality of life. In patients with inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis ...
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liver problem
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Itchy Skin and Liver Problem
Our skin act as a window to our overall health with internal diseases may manifest as various skin changes. Itchy skin or pruritus can be an indication of underlying medical conditions including liver problem. In ...
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9 Anti-ageing Skin Care Ingredients That You Never Heard of
Over the decades, people from different parts of the world have been practising their culturally own method of skincare using various ingredients. Range from fruits, herbs, or medicinal plants, every single ingredient ...
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Breakthrough Treatments in Heart Diseases That are Changing Lives
Pamilia Lourdunathan Kulit & Kelamin
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Breakthrough Treatments in Heart Diseases That are Changing Lives
This article is written in collaboration with Naluri.  Based on the latest WHO data published in 2017, Coronary Heart Disease Deaths in Malaysia has reached 30,598 or 22.13% of total deaths. The age adjusted Death ...
Pamilia Lourdunathan Clinical Psychology
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