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The Freedom You’ll Miss If You Don’t Quit Smoking
In case you need motivation to kick the habit for good, keep regular reminders of all these benefits you'll never enjoy unless you quit smoking now.
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How to Stop Smoking Successfully
According to the 2015 National Health and Morbidity Survey, 43% of men smoking cigarettes compared to only 1.9% of women.
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effects of ramadan fasting
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Psychological And Social Effects Of Ramadan Fasting
Any muslims can testify to you that they feel better and more peaceful during Ramadan but what are the psychosocial effects of Ramadan fasting?
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Our Obsession With Perfectly Red Tomatoes Is Ruining Its Taste
Our pursuit of perfectly red tomatoes may not actually be the best because it is actually ruining the taste of the fruits.
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Beer Belly: How Alcohol Leads To Abdominal Obesity
When you see a guy with a beer belly, instantaenously you think of too much alcohol intake. While you may be right, how does it lead to it?
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hair around my anus
Sexual Health, Healthy Living, Beauty
Is It Normal To Have Hair Around My Anus?
Hair around my anus - is it normal for you to be having the presence of hair around the opening of your anus. If so, any reason for it?
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