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WHO Issued New Guideline For Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis
With the theme of ‘It’s time to end TB’, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued a new guideline to improve the treatment of multidrug resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB). In it, WHO recommends ...
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hookup culture
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The Hookup Culture: Hidden Dangers That People Are Subscribing To
The hookup culture (uncommitted sexual intercourse) has never been made easier thanks to the advent of dating applications and the general openness of modern men and women alike on the separation between sex and ...
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gay bowel syndrome
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Gay Bowel Syndrome: Medicine From The Lens Of History
And NO, I did not make that name up. ‘Gay Bowel Syndrome’ is an actual name of a condition used in older medical textbooks, as newer ones shy away from using such term, calling it “Obsolete” ...
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soft food
Oral Health
How Soft Food Revolutionised World Language
If you are able to pronounce the word ‘Family’, ‘Fun’ or even ‘Violin’, you should perhaps thank our ancestors for making the cultural shift to agriculture and processed food ...
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Takayasu's Disease
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Takayasu’s Disease: The Pulseless Disease
In 1830, Rokushu Yamamoto described a peculiar condition of a 45 year old man in his private practice record. The said man initially came to Yamamoto with a complain of high grade fever and a year later, while examining ...
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selangan waras
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Lucid Interval – When A Person Talk And Then Die
During a high school reunion in your backyard, you and your friends decided to play baseball. By accident, the ball hit one of your friend’s head quite hard and he became dizzy for a while. After a while ...
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vaginosis bakteria
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Does Your Vagina Smell Like Fish? This Could Be Why
Going down on your partner can be a mutually pleasurable thing. However, the same cannot be said if the vulva or the vagina of your partner smells like a fish, fresh from the catch of the day. You might even vomit ...
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Breakthrough Treatments in Heart Diseases That are Changing Lives
Pamilia Lourdunathan Kulit & Kelamin
Healthy Living
Breakthrough Treatments in Heart Diseases That are Changing Lives
This article is written in collaboration with Naluri.  Based on the latest WHO data published in 2017, Coronary Heart Disease Deaths in Malaysia has reached 30,598 or 22.13% of total deaths. The age adjusted Death ...
Pamilia Lourdunathan Clinical Psychology
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