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Tips to Beat the Monday Blues
Monday blues refer to the negative feelings one experiences at the beginning of their workweek, especially when they are not happy with their job.
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well-rounded boy
Family and Pregnancy, Parenting Tips
How to Raise a Well-rounded Boy
Whether your boy is a shy little one or a hardcore mate, the tips below are still helpful in turning him a well-rounded boy.
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Tongue Problem Basics
Geographic tongue makes your tongue looks like a geographic map. Patients may experience pain and soreness when eating some kinds of food and beverages.
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Fostering Resilience In Adolescence
The most important thing is to foster mental health in children and adolescents. Promoting resilience, meanwhile, can benefit mental health in various ways.
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Sex After the Baby Is Born
Generally, sex should wait after any vaginal bleeding due to childbirth has stopped. Most people can enjoy sex safely after 3 weeks.
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What should you do if your big kid still talks like a baby Parenting Tips Hello Doktor
Family and Pregnancy, Parenting Tips
What Should You Do If Your Big Kid Still Talks Like A Baby?
Sometimes, a kid does not act his age. As parents, you should pay good attention to your child’s thinking and abilities.
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Teach Your Child about Sexual Abuse Parenting Tips Hello Doktor
Family and Pregnancy, Parenting Tips
Teach Your Child about Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse leaves painful consequences on the victims. To protect our little angel, it’s best to provide them proper understanding of the problem.
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Metastatic Breast Cancer Life expectancy
Although metastatic cancer has no way to cure, but there’s a slightly chance of being treated. Proper treatment might help your longevity.
Dr. Bassam Abdul Rasool Hassan