Role Of Technology In The Welfare Of Malaysia's Aging Population
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Role Of Technology In The Welfare Of Malaysia's Aging Population
In the 1980s, the average life expectancy of Malaysians was 67.4 years. However, due to development in antibiotics and better medications, better health care policies, increased in quality of patient care and improvement ...
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Setting The Standard On Gene Editing: WHO Announces Its Committee
The study of genetics has come a long way from Gregor Mendel’s experiment on his pea plants to examine the genotypes and phenotypes of organisms. We then gained the understanding of spontaneous mutation and ...
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5 Gentle Stretches to Melt Away Morning Stifness
Whether you have arthritis or general joint pain and stiffness in the morning, gentle stretches may help to kick start your day. Evidence shows that exercise and stretching help to increase blood flow and oxygen ...
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Can I Still Get HIV From Sex Without Ejaculation?
The general knowledge of HIV is that it is an infection that is spread through body fluids. Contact with body fluids can happen in a lot of ways and instances but some of the most discussed methods in our society ...
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Beat Your Joint Pain with These Herbs and Spices
Joint pain has always been associated with arthritis, which is an inflammation of the joints and it can be afflicting as the body parts’ movement happens every second even when we are sleeping. The joint pain ...
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water therapy
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The Amazing Benefit of Water Therapy to Moisturize Your Skin
Adapting yourself with water therapy can assist you to keep moisturize your skin without spending too much on cosmetics and makeup just to rejuvenate your skin. The secret for having glowing and healthy skin is ...
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Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome: What you need to know
Definition & Epidemiology Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) is a severe form of childhood epilepsy syndrome. It is characterised by the triad of multiple drug-resistant seizure types (commonly tonic, atonic and ...
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5 Beauty Habits to Skin Repair Every Night
Every day, our skin often touched by an external factor of harmful substances such as dust, harsh chemicals, ultraviolet rays and other environmental causes which affected the condition of skin’s surface. Over ...
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Breakthrough Treatments in Heart Diseases That are Changing Lives
Pamilia Lourdunathan Kulit & Kelamin
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Breakthrough Treatments in Heart Diseases That are Changing Lives
This article is written in collaboration with Naluri.  Based on the latest WHO data published in 2017, Coronary Heart Disease Deaths in Malaysia has reached 30,598 or 22.13% of total deaths. The age adjusted Death ...
Pamilia Lourdunathan Clinical Psychology
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