Teach Your Child to Deal with Teachers


Going to school is not all sunshine and lollipops for children. There are many times you get to see troubles between your kid and their teachers. How to deal with this situation?

Step 1: Get to know the truth

Your child may come home and say “ Mr. ABC is mean to me”. You need to process this report in every possible sense. This is called “unpacking” your child’s words. Try your best to have more information by asking questions like “ What did he say?”, “What were your friends’ reaction when it happened?” Sometimes the kid is just making an exaggeration. “Mean” here may mean that “ He gives me tons of homework”. And, if this is the case, your job is to explain the teacher’s good will to your child. Thus, the most important strategy is to figure out the real sense behind the kid’s report.

Step 2: Be a secretary

Tell the kid that everything he says will be written down for future reference when meeting the teacher. This act plays various roles: Your kids acknowledge that you really care about what they are saying, their feeling will be understood, and you are just a reporter, not the one who will solve the problem. You can also give your child some suggestions to deal with the situation if they are old enough. You can encourage them to meet the teacher after class and raise their voice. There are times when even the teacher does not realize that he or she has caused the discomfort to the kid.

Step 3: Be a diplomatist

If you decide to have a conversation with the teacher, make an official appointment. Be a parent coming for help. Language use is important. Be inclusive. This is the time when you report what your child has said, thus, use their language as much as possible. No matter what, assume innocence. Despite your charisma, the teacher may feel unhappy. Some of them are really sensitive due to stress from work, salary or family. Let the teacher know that you do not try to blame him or her. In the best scenario, the teacher and you will have mutual understanding and get the best solution for the situation.

Step 4: Be a protector

If you doubt that the teacher bears a grudge on your child, especially after you have a conversation with them, go see the principal. It’s time to be a real protector for your child. In the worst situation, request a change of classroom for your child.

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