Disadvantages of Teen Curfews


During adolescence, our teens are easy to become rebels if there are no proper limits and guidelines from parents, such as curfews. However, there are some rules that seem to be overwhelming to teenagers. Thus, parents should first get to know these mistakes in building curfews, then later design an appropriate child-teaching approach.

False reliance

Curfew is born to protect our teens from all risks or dangerous activities that happen late at night. However, parents should not 100% count on curfew. Aspen Education Group states that curfew may fail to stop a teen from getting involved in dangerous issues since he or she can always attend to them early in the afternoon. Or, he or she can even pass the curfew. Thus, if parents take curfew as the general answer for all negative issues, it would later become their biggest regret.

False autocracy

There are parents who set curfews not concerning their child’s feelings or thinking. By doing this, they unconsciously take away their teen’s chance to develop negotiation skills. Teens later may not know how to listen and consider others’ viewpoint. Similarly, they may lose the ability to express their thoughts and opinions in an effective and respectful way.

Rebellion trigger

Sometimes, curfews set autocratically lead to rebellion. When teens are not allowed to express their disagreement or anger about the curfews, they tend to have negative reactions. According to University of Alabama Parenting Assistance Line, those teens may have destructive behaviors and angry defiance. The purpose of fostering a sense of independence and responsibility then turns to be a trigger to their rebellion, while hindering their maturity.

Regretful missing out

Teens who always follow the curfews are at high chance of missing out on special events and things. Thus, parents should be flexible on some occasions. For example, if your child is a well-behaved one and the event he’s about to attend is the prom of graduation day, there’s no reason not letting him stay a little longer.

For some families, curfews play an essential part to keep teens in check during their adolescence. Meanwhile, for others, curfews are nothing more but a sign of stealing freedom. Besides their advantages, curfews have some disadvantages above. Parents, after considering all the pros and cons, can come up with a proper method. However, if teens do not respond well to curfews, alternatives may be needed.

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