4 Ways To Prevent Grandparents From Spoiling Your Child


Grandparents can’t help but adore and love their grandchildren. However, their love sometimes is so big that they may unconsciously spoil the kids. As parents, what should you do then? Let’s figure out 4 ways to prevent grandparents from spoiling your child.

Situation 1

Today is not Christmas. Today is not your kid’s birthday. Your parents pay a visit to your house with tons of presents for their little grandchild.

Your kid has already had so many toys that he can not play them. If this scenario continues, your kid may lose interest on the toys after one play time and keep asking for the new ones.

Solution: First, keep in mind that your parents have a good will when providing their grandchild with toys, books, clothes or food. They just want him to have the best. Thus, say “thank you” to your parents. Then, you can explain that your child still has various unopened gifts, so this time’s ones will be kept for later. The child should not have everything at one time. Reassure your parents that you will let them know when the kids need other clothes. And until then, they don’t need to buy anything more or it would be a waste.

Situation 2

You do not allow your kid to touch the precious ornament. You have also already told your parents about that. They ended up giving the kid all freedom to do what he wants. Your parental authority flies away somewhere else, not in your hand anymore.

Solution: Most grandparents can never say “No” to the little one. Thus, tell grandparents that you really understand that they love your child and never want to inhibit him from doing what he’s long for. However, what is more than the kid’s desire is a proper child upbringing strategy and you know they care more about that, too.  Thus, they surely will want you to succeed as a parent.

Emphasize that letting the kid cross the boundaries you have set out is a way of weakening your parental authority. And, this could also bring about bad effects on the relationship between you and your baby.

Situation 3

You have already told grandpa and grandma about the little one’s diet. You’ve clearly stated what he should and shouldn’t eat. Chocolate and sweets are for special events only. However, when you come to pick him up at their place, his mouth is full of chocolate. Some of them also smear out on his face.

Solution: Grandparents do not think that giving foods is a way of spoiling a kid. It’s just a way of showing their love for him. A toddler is always restless. What is the best way to settle him? Chocolate and sweets are their saviors. Thus, do not blame them. Instead, next time you bring the kid to his grandparent’s house, just put out a few sweets and tell them not to give him extra.

Since the moment he was born, your little one is the center of attention of the whole big family. What’s more? You can never stop a grandparent from adoring their grandchild. Thus, it’s best to have a compromise. Try to get their agreement on how to show their love while still maintaining your parental rules.

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