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Help Your Baby With Hiccups


What causes hiccups in a baby?

The vocal cords’ rapid closing together with the diaphragm’s contraction result in hiccups in a baby. That quick closing of the vocals also causes the hiccup’s sound.

Based on adults’ own experience, they believe that hiccups also discomfort babies. However, this may not true. Usually, hiccups do not affect babies. In fact, they can normally sleep without having any problems.

How to get rid of baby hiccups?

Knowing hiccups do not disturb the little ones, however, adults sometimes still want to get rid of them for their babies’ sake. Thus, below we provide some steps that may help.

Let your baby burp

During the time you feed the baby, take some time to make him burp. The baby needs these burps to let out excess gas causing hiccups. If your baby is breastfeeding, burp him between breasts switching. If your little one is under feeding period, burp him after every 50 to 80 gr of food, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests.

Tip: When hiccups hit, do not slap or hit but gentle pat your baby’s back.

Make use of the pacifier

Infant hiccups start for various reason, not only from feeding. Thus, when the hiccups start suddenly for no reason, try using a pacifier. Let your baby suck on that pacifier. It can help their diaphragm relax and ease the hiccups.

Let the hiccups go on their own

Generally, the hiccups will go away on their own. Thus, if they do not make your baby uncomfortable, let them stop naturally.

If the hiccups do not stop by themselves, get help from a doctor. In some rare cases, hiccups may be the sign of a medical concern.

Try some water

If the hiccups seem to bother your baby with uneasy feelings, you can try giving them gripe water. Gripe water, which is made from herbs (ginger, fennel, chamomile, and cinnamon, etc.) is thought to work with colic and other intestinal problems. However, before that, get advice from a doctor to make sure there is no risk if your baby uses that gripe water.

Tip: if you get the gripe water from the store, make sure you have already read the label carefully.

How to prevent hiccups in a baby?

Since the causes of hiccups are unclear most of the time, it’s difficult to completely prevent. Nevertheless, these tips may help:

When feeding, your child needs to stay calm. To be sure about this, feed your child properly, do not wait until they’re so hungry that they start to be fussy.

After being fed, the baby needs to avoid heavy activities like bouncing up and down. Plays that need a high level of energy are also on the avoid list.

After each feeding, hold your baby in in the upright position at least 20 minutes.

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