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BMR atau kadar metabolik basal adalah jumlah kalori yang diperlukan oleh badan anda untuk menjalankan fungsi asas, termasuk bernafas.
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What is BMR?

Basal metabolic rate (BMR) refers to the total amount of calories your body requires to perform its primary functions, which include breathing and keeping your heart beating. It does not take into account calories needed to engage in physical activity. Therefore, as energy is also required to perform other activities like walking or running, the total calories you would need to consume would be higher than your BMR.

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What are Calories and What do We Need Them For?

Calories are defined as energy units, which are required to perform basic bodily functions. A calorie intake of below 1200 kcal will stall metabolism, resulting in adverse effects on our bodies. Calorie intake is obtained through the consumption of food and drinks. A consumption of lower than 1200 kcal daily could cause significant damage to our bodies, such as a lowering of blood pressure, heart rhythm abnormalities, brittle fingernails and hair loss. By using the BMR calculator provided, you will be able to track your daily calorie intake requirements and plan your diet accordingly.

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How Many Calories am I Actually Consuming?  

The table below provides an estimate of calories consumed based on popular Malaysian meal choices.