A Visual Guide on Baby Poop

Kebanyakan ibu bapa baru mesti agak hairan melihat najis si manja! Ini kerana ia mempunyai banyak warna dan tekstur yang tidak pernah langsung dilihat oleh mereka.

Mustard Yellow-Coloured and Seedy Baby Poop


Breastfed-Baby Poop

Once meconium is excreted by your infant, your newborn may pass stools which are mustard-yellow in colour. This stool colour is also common with babies who are breastfeeding. This stool form may also appear excreted with little seed-like flecks.

Apa perlu saya lakukan?

Breastfed babies usually passes more than 6 stools per day. In most cases, infants up to 2 months of age may pass a stool after each feeding. However, should the rate of stool passing increase in terms of number and looseness, and if this situation lasts for 3 or more stool passings, it could be diarrhea. 


Additionally, if your infant is excreting stool that contains mucus, blood or smells bad, this also points to diarrhea. Other clues that point to your infant experiencing diarrhea include loss of appetite, visual signs of being sick or suffering from a fever.