A Visual Guide on Baby Poop

Kebanyakan ibu bapa baru mesti agak hairan melihat najis si manja! Ini kerana ia mempunyai banyak warna dan tekstur yang tidak pernah langsung dilihat oleh mereka.

Maroon-Coloured Baby Poop


Maroon-coloured stools usually suggests a problem somewhere within the middle of the gastrointestinal tract. 


Bloody Stools

Usually consists of hard stools streaked with blood or mucus. Bright red blood in a baby’s stools could indicate that your baby has small tears, or rectal fissures, around the anus.

Apa perlu saya lakukan?

Bright red stools are most commonly associated with problems near the end of the gastrointestinal tract (e.g the rectum). Immediately bring your baby to the pediatrician should this show up in your baby poop. 

Also, call your doctor if you notice:

  • Normal stools tinged with red blood, which is often a sign of a milk protein allergy (as pictured).
  • Hard stools with a hint of red blood, likely a result of tears in the anus or tiny hemorrhoids.
  • Diarrhea combined with red blood, which can indicate a bleeding of the lower intestines, usually occurring in the form of hematochezia.
  • When black-coloured blood appears in a baby’s diaper, usually in the form of little flecks that look like black poppy or sesame seeds, it is often because the baby is breastfed and swallowing blood from his/her mother’s cracked and bleeding nipples. While this is a sign that you will need some pain relief, it does not pose a threat to your baby. In any event, you should still call your doctor to ensure it’s not something more serious, like a bleeding from your baby’s intestines.