A Visual Guide on Baby Poop

Kebanyakan ibu bapa baru mesti agak hairan melihat najis si manja! Ini kerana ia mempunyai banyak warna dan tekstur yang tidak pernah langsung dilihat oleh mereka.

Greenish-Brown Coloured Baby Poop


Resembling a stool form similar to leftover guacamole, poop excreted from babies on solid food tend to be brown or dark brown in colour. It is usually thicker than peanut butter in terms of texture, but still mushy. Additionally, it is more pungent than poop excreted from formula-fed babies.

Apa perlu saya lakukan?

Do not worry, for this stool form is normal and healthy. Occasionally, your baby’s poop might have identifiable chunks of food in it or be tinged with colour. Poop in these colours usually represent an excretion of fruits or vegetables they might have consumed. For example, red could mean an excretion of beets or dragon fruit, orange could mean an excretion of carrots, and blue could mean an excretion of blueberries.