A Visual Guide on Baby Poop

Kebanyakan ibu bapa baru mesti agak hairan melihat najis si manja! Ini kerana ia mempunyai banyak warna dan tekstur yang tidak pernah langsung dilihat oleh mereka.

Greenish-Black and Sticky Baby Poop



Meconium refers to a substance that contains mucus, skin cells and amniotic fluid, and is usually excreted within the first 24 hours after an infant’s birth.

Apa perlu saya lakukan?

A normal excretion of meconium stool usually happens within 24 hours after an infant’s birth. Should your infant be incapable of passing this stool within a day, or have a problem of prolonged meconium, take your child to the hospital as he/she may be suffering from possible meconium ileus. Delaying treatment or negligence in providing immediate treatment may cause intestinal perforation, which is also known as a ruptured bowel.