Going For A C-Section? Here’s What You Need To Know

Author: Dian Sonnerstedt Yoga Expert

With the advancements in science and technology, everything in the world can be handled more conveniently, comfortably and safely, including childbirth. A C-section is now the most common childbirth operation in many developed countries. This procedure provides you the exact time and date to welcome your child to the world. Knowing the time of your delivery will give an expectant mother plenty of things to prepare for her baby’s arrival.

What is a C-section?

C-section or cesarean section involves delivering a baby through a surgical cut in a woman’s abdomen and uterus. A cesarean section is specially designed for those who cannot perform natural childbirth due to potential pregnancy complications (e.g. your baby is in an abnormal position), experiencing unstable mental signs or having an infection that can spread to the baby during vaginal delivery.

What to prepare before having a C-section?

If you are going to have a cesarean section, your doctor will inform you about everything you need to do. However, there are several things you should know ahead of your delivery time.

Several weeks before the noticed delivery date, you should visit the hospital to send your pre-registration forms. On the night before delivery, you may have a pre-surgical procedure done. Firstly, you will have an epidural anesthesia, which involves an injection in your back to get you numbed for the operation. Next, you are catheterized in order to avoid getting up for the restroom during the first 24 hours of recovery. Since this is not a comfortable procedure, make sure to ask your doctor for an epidural prior to inserting the catheter. Following which, you may be given a type of medicine used to clear stomach liquid acids. You are allowed to request anti-nausea medication, and doing so prior to the epidural will prevent potentially uncomfortable feelings.

Additionally, certain blood tests may be performed before a C-section following your doctor’s recommendations. Checking your blood condition will help your doctor to prepare for the unlikely event that you need a blood transfusion during the procedure.  The last thing to remember is that you need to prepare a hospital bag to store your clothes and toothbrushes for the few days staying in the hospital. Because a C-section takes additional time to recover from than normal birth, arranging to have an extra set of hands around the house will be helpful.

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Review Date: February 8, 2017 | Last Modified: December 9, 2019

Dian Sonnerstedt Yoga Expert
Dian Sonnerstedt is a yoga practitioner since 2016. Her love of yoga turned her from working as a Marketing executive in huge corporation, to a life as ...
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Dian Sonnerstedt Yoga Expert

Dian Sonnerstedt is a yoga practitioner since 2016. Her love of yoga turned her from working as a Marketing executive in huge corporation, to a life as a full-time yoga instructor. She received her certification from One Song Yoga School in 2014, followed by certifications in Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga, Sunshine Network for Thai Yoga Massage, and Yin Mindful Immersion Yoga in 2015. Dian officially registered in YogaAlliance.org.

Dian teaches various types of Yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Prenatal Yog. She has opened private classes, as well as classes for office, and in studio @Yoga42 Senayan Arcadia. She wants to share her knowledge of Yoga and inspire everyone to love Yoga, as it has had a positive impact not only physically but mentally on the practitioners. In this column, Dian will share all about yoga, why it is good for you and how to practice Yoga for those who have experience, or who had never touched a yoga mat.

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