Teaching Responsibility to Your Children

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What is responsibility?

Responsibility means more than just “to be responsible.” It means being dependable so others can count on you when it matters, keeping your promises and commitments, always be your best, being accountable for your behaviors, accepting credits and acknowledging mistakes, and contributing to your family and community.

Responsibility is the key to success both academically and professionally, which is why it’s so important to teach your child to be a responsible person.

Tips for teaching kids responsibility

Start young

When it comes to teaching responsibility, you should start as soon as possible. Start it right when your children are just toddlers. Don’t baby them, thinking responsibility can wait until teenage years. Suddenly putting responsibility on a teenager who knows no such thing all their childhood will definitely backfire.

Let your children help

Don’t keep housework all to yourself. Cheer up and invite your children to help, even if they are slow and clumsy. Team up with your children. Make use of this precious time to teach your children a lesson that can help them succeed in the real world.

Show children the way

The first step is to teach your children how to complete small tasks. If they want snacks, show them where you keep the fruits and how to wash them. If they throw dirty clothes on the floor, give them a laundry basket so they know where to put their used clothes. Assign your children age-appropriate tasks as they grow up.

Praise your children

Small children love to join in. They want to help you. To them, chores feel more like playing than working. Keep up positive vibes with praises. However, remember to be specific. Avoid general praises like “Good job!” Tell them what they did well to make your words more meaningful.

Keep your expectations realistic

A five-year-old’s work can be sloppy. That’s to be expected. Don’t be hard on your children. Next time you do it, show them how to do it properly.

Avoid rewards

Being responsible doesn’t mercy rewards. Don’t let your children form a habit of expecting to get something out of doing simple chores. Rewarding children for doing housework can make them think they have to be paid for being responsible. If you really want to reward your children, save it for tasks that are beyond your children’s responsibilities.

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