What Is an Autocratic Parent

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When the parenting style is so rigid, it is known as autocratic, or authoritarian style. Parents who are autocratic really want their kids to be disciplined and gain a lot of success. However, with that strict way of parenting, there is not much flexibility. Children are expected to come up to their authoritarian parents’ requests without explanation. Benefits of this kind of parenting are undeniable, but the children may experience adverse effects. For instance, they may have low self-esteem.

Characteristics of Autocratic Parents

Usually, the children can receive a well-structured home environment from their autocratic parents. It is clear rules that the parents really expect, and the children are expected to comply with those rules. These parents, who are indeed very demanding, feel that there is no reason for them to explain themselves to their child. Children are expected to obey what their parents tell them to do. Indeed, no-one can question or have a debate on their rules. Autocratic parents do not give a lot of chances for creativity as well as feelings. Psychological control is what autocratic parents go along with.

The Child of an Autocratic Parent

It is obvious that children of autocratic parents are compliant since they are accustomed to being told what to think and what to do. They may learn to conceal their feelings and increase a kind of detachment for the fright of punishment. The children can be stressed because they have to be very cautious about their words and actions when their parents are around.

Ways Children Cope

Although some of the children go along with the demands of their parents, others can disobey. There is more likelihood that teenagers will resist a rigid parenting. There are some other possibilities such as telling lies, being sneaky or secretive due to their fear of having their feelings or opinions expressed to their parents. Some other children can have acts of violence or behave hostilely.

Adverse Effects of Autocratic Parenting

Whereas authoritarian parenting can make their children obedient, adverse effects can also occur in the long run. According to Positive-Parenting-Ally.com, it is likely that strict parents’ children will experience a shortage of confidence. These children may grow up with an inferiority complex and their thinking gets rigid. In view of a lot of critics their parents have on them, they may criticize their own behavior or that of others. They can also be vulnerable to the pressure from their peer group and they can easily be bullied. Also, emotional intimacy is what they may have difficulty with later in life and susceptible to abusive relationships.

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