What to Do When Your Child Is Vomiting

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Most children experience nausea and vomiting once in a while. This is often mild and not a cause for concern. However, as a parent, you should still keep an eye on them in case things go bad.

Look for signs of dehydration

Children are not as good at staying hydrated as adults. Signs of dehydration include fatigue, irritability, fewer tears when crying, low-temperature skin, sunken eyes, less urination and darker urine. To protect your child from dehydration, encourage your child to drink. Even if she vomits, she still gets some hydration from drinking. If water doesn’t work, give her sports drinks or oral rehydration solutions. After your child vomits, give her small amounts of fluid to see if she is able to hold it down, then increase it accordingly. Check if she urinates regularly.

Offer a liquid diet

If your child has stopped vomiting for a few hours, you can give her a clear liquid diet besides water. Only offer clear liquid such as see-through broth or fruit juice because they are nutritious yet easy to digest. Avoid hard foods as they may worsen the child’s condition.


Most cases of vomiting in kids don’t require medical treatment. You usually just need to wait until it goes away on its own. Don’t give your kid OTC vomiting drugs since they don’t work for vomit caused by viruses, which is often the case. Inappropriate use of medication does more harm than good. Fluids are the key to managing vomiting in children. Unless directed by a doctor, do not give your child vomiting med.

When to seek medical help

You should contact your doctor if your child is:

  • Vomiting severely
  • Unable to hold fluids down
  • Dehydrated
  • Drowsy
  • Vomiting green fluids or blood
  • Vomiting constantly for more than a day
  • Suffering from severe abdominal pain
  • Acting irritable and irresponsive

Call for an ambulance immediately if your child is vomiting with headaches, neck stiffness, and skin rash.

When it comes to vomiting, it’s best to pay close attention to your child. Trust your instincts and seek medical help as soon as you feel like something is wrong with your child.

If it’s just a tummy bug, your child should have no problem with eating and playing like usual. You should feel them well and keep them hydrated with lots of fluids. However, if vomiting makes your child seriously ill, you should seek medical help.

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Review Date: July 3, 2017 | Last Modified: December 9, 2019

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