How to Help Your Child with Picky Habit

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According to scientists, babies can insist on re-eating foods that are too familiar until they begin to get used to and enjoy new foods. As a parent, how can you manage that stage when they request that for a long time? Let’s read this article.

Here are 10 tips to help you support your child experiences “fussy fussy”.

  1. Please try to be patient and cool. The meal needs to be fun and comfortable.
  2. Continue to introduce new dishes at every meal of the family.
  3. Let your baby eat vegetables that they love. If your child only likes to eat two or three kinds of vegetable, let them eat as usual but you can skillfully add a bit of new vegetable so they can give it a try.
  4. Be a creative chef. You can cut the bread into the vivid, eye-catching shapes, or cut fruit into little balls. Use food to create fun faces (bean hairdressers, mashed potatoes that shape like a face, small carrot bars, etc.). Buying bowls and plates that have a lovely, vivid color.
  5. Be a good model for your child. During the meal of the whole family, you need to show your child what a balanced and healthy diet is. This is the factor that will encourage your baby to build reasonable eating habits with healthy nutrition.
  6. Schedule children’ s meals. 3 main meals and 2 healthy snacks a day. It is said you should let your child have a chance to starve and don’t let baby eat too much junk food. Especially, before the meal, you should not allow your child to eat any snacks or sweets.
  7. Don’t force your child to eat something he or she does not fancy. You should gradually encourage them to try new dishes.
  8. Don’t scream loudly when your child refuses to eat something. Just try to feed them again.
  9. Make sure your baby does not eat snacks or light meals before the main meal. When hungry, your baby is more likely to try a new dish.
  10. Try using positive motivation – tell your baby great results of trying new and healthy foods, or how big and how young he will become after tasting them.

The best thing you can do is to provide plentiful healthy food choices. Besides, the positive environment is important to make the meals really enjoyable.

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