Try These Foods In Order to Curb Your Muscle Cramps

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Muscle cramps usually occur whenever the muscle part having forceful contractions, and that individual will surely feel some pain at that particular area of muscle. It can happen all over our body. This pain yet uncomfortable conditions not only appear to be as a norm for athletes, but it does happen to everyone even when you are sleeping. It can last from seconds to minutes. A research conducted by the US family experts shows that over 60 percent of adults in the US experienced muscle cramps during their sleep.

There are clinical explanations why and how do you get muscle cramps. Dr Rizal Mohd Razman, a senior lecturer of University of Malaya’s Sports Centre said that lack of potassium and magnesium are among the factor that leads to cramps. The deficiency of both chemical substances can take place whenever we are sweating and dehydrated — the prevalences of muscle cramps is an absolute.

Potassium acts as an electrolyte, channelling electrical stimulation throughout our body and helps in keeping the body natural functions such as blood pressure. While some research data showed that magnesium indirectly reduces the occurrences of muscle cramps. Magnesium also plays a role for neuromuscular or nerves and muscle to be functioning at its best.

There are some less expensive sources of food that contain a high volume of potassium and magnesium, in order for us to curb this condition. By consuming these foods, may helps you in preventing the possibilities of getting muscle cramps.

  1. Banana


This yellowish fruit can be found all over the world. It is easy to consume, easy to find and cheap in price. Banana contains a high level of potassium and fibre as well. It is easy to digest and helps prevent anaemia, a condition when an individual in the shortage of red blood cells or haemoglobin.

  1.  Orange

muscle cramps, injuries

It is a fruit of citrus, in the same family of lemon, pomelo, limes and grapefruit. One serving of medium-sized orange contains 250 mg of potassium. Orange also known as one of the fruit with a high volume of Vitamin C. It also good for your skin, lowers your cholesterol level as well as enhance your immunity. Peels of orange that we usually throw away contain more fibre than the contents of the fruits itself.

  1. Nuts and legumes

muscle cramps, injuries

Ever wonder what the differences between nuts and legumes? Nuts usually come with one or just two seeds in one pod or shell and it does not open its shell on its own, have to be cracked before we can get the seeds inside. While legumes usually have more than three seeds and it will open its shell when it is ready to be harvested. Nuts are usually a bit expensive than legumes and types of nuts can be varied such as macadamia, hazels, cashews and pistachios. While legumes are cheaper such as kidney beans, lentils and black bean5. A serving of 100 grams of nuts contains 57 percent of magnesium and 632 mg of potassium.

  1. Spinach

muscle cramps, injuries

Why Popeye the Sailorman always defeated at the first place? Because he forgot a tin of canned spinach. Doesn’t matter if it is canned or freshly-cooked spinach, the message in Popeye series got a strong message, spinach is a superfood. Spinach rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A and minerals as well as low in calories. With 558 mg of potassium in every 100 grams of serving, we can try to blend it into a smoothie and try it out for a better lifestyle.

  1. Dark chocolate.

muscle cramps, injuries

If your child doesn’t prefer any choices mentioned before, you may try this choice. Dark chocolate is not the same type of unhealthy choices that you can find at the supermarket. Dark chocolate has a high level of cocoa butter with almost no sugar added. It is a great source of antioxidants with 58 percent of magnesium for every 100 grams of dark chocolate bar. Another intriguing fact, it helps in improving the functions of our brains. In addition, it also helps lower the risk of getting heart disease by 57% with five or more dark chocolate consumption in a week. Dark chocolate is obviously the only option among other choices, as far as health is concerned.

There are more super foods that surely may help with reducing the chance of getting muscle cramps. These five as mentioned above are just types with the high level of chemical substances that essential to our body and economically, the best option.

Apart from eat clean and eat wise, water retention also plays a significant role in putting the cramp at the bay. Don’t forget to drink more water as lack of liquid in the body will lead to dehydrate and affects muscle to functioning optimally. Now you have the insights on ways to prevent muscle cramp, go on and do the running and exercises that you always procrastinate to do due to traumatic cramp!

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