I Can’t Complete My Tasks: Why Is It?

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wish to clean your bathroom, visit your siblings, or have your car maintained but you end up forgetting your intention? This is known as procrastination, and it occurs from time to time.  However, if it endures for a long time and causes you difficulties to complete tasks, there could be some problems.


You may get tense because you have do deal with something you don’t want to do. Delaying that chore can help you temporarily relieve. On the bad side, you still have to encounter that task some day in the future. As well as making you feel guilty and irritated, this can also give rise to your stress. If the stress is overwhelming, it will prevent you doing things and result in these symptoms:

  • You have trouble sleeping
  • Your thoughts heap up constantly
  • You feel tired and find it hard to concentrate
  • You suffer from headaches or muscle tension

On noticing these symptoms, you should improve your mood by doing exercise, cutting down on alcohol and caffeine, getting to bed early to have enough sleep. You can take advice from your friends or doctor, too.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Your behavior can be affected by ADHD. People who experience ADHD find it very difficult to reach decisions, or to complete tasks on schedule. Some of of the patients cannot even focus because of the surrounding activities. Some have difficulty in planning, and some become quick-tempered. Symptoms of ADHD include daydreaming, distracting, negligent, risky, anxious. It is suggested that you should take medications prescribed by doctors, or participate cognitive-behavioral therapy.


You become anxious when the brain overreacts to optimism. You always think the worst will come even though nothing is worth being feared. The anxiety causes you to spend so much energy fretting about family, finance, health, daily tasks. You can also feel tired, sleepless, peevish, or suffer muscle tension. Here are some ways for you to alleviate your anxiety. Breaths 10 slow, deep breaths. Try to fill your mind with positive thoughts instead of negative ones. Get rest. Do regular exercise, and have meals on time.


Depression is not just an emotional state; it can also change your brain’s chemistry. When depressed, you may feel too tired to do anything, even if it’s your hobby or favorite activity. You no longer want to do anything because you feel helpless or self-critical. You may also feel that a big sadness keep lingering around, or you don’t feel like eating and losing weight or get angry easily. In some cases, people with depression even think about suicide.


If you don’t have enough sleep (less than 6 hours), your brain will be distracted with diminished concentration span. Therefore, you cannot remember things that need to be done. If you have these symptoms, you need to take more sleep: drop off during movies or when reading books, become grumpy, have difficulty waking up in the morning.

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Review Date: June 12, 2017 | Last Modified: December 3, 2019

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