How Yoga Help With Your Insomnia

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In addition to the benefits yoga does for your health and well-being, scientists believe that it can beat insomnia as well. If you are on a challenging quest to find a low-impact exercise to help you sleep better, yoga may be the right choice.

Insomnia is a dangerous condition

Primary insomnia is defined as sleeplessness occurs by itself, without the influence of other medical conditions. Secondary insomnia is the warning sign or a consequence of other underlying health issues. Many diseases can result in insomnia, including cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and depression. Certain medications can also trigger secondary insomnia, as can substance abuse. There is an association between insomnia and cognitive dysfunction, even the destruction of gray matter. Lack of sleep also leads to life-threatening conditions. The conditions include  heart failure, high blood pressure, and obesity. Moreover, when you do not sleep well and enough, your health will decrease, then stress will occur. Next to stress are many other diseases, including the above ones.

The study of yoga effects on insomnia.

According to a new study in mental health, yoga improves sleep quality in people who suffer from chronic insomnia. This study looked at people with different forms of insomnia, both primary and secondary. The subjects were asked to practice basic yoga for at least 8 weeks.. 2 weeks before the study began, the participants started a diary of their sleep, and continued to keep it until the end of the study. The diary included the sleeping time, the numbers of time they woke up during the night, and the time they slept between 2 woke up points. Researchers then analyzed the diaries to evaluate how much this practice influence insomnia. And they found improvements in several aspects. They are including the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, sleep efficiency, total sleeping time, total wake time, and Wake time after sleep onset.

Other scientific evidence

The effect of yoga as a treatment for insomnia still needs further study. However, its potential value in improving sleep shows up in many other studies. For example, in yoga, there are many poses that will help to give more blood to the vessels in our brains. If we do not supply enough blood up to the brain, we will suffer insomnia. Thanks to yoga, blood circulatory can be improved and insomnia can be diminished. Furthermore, cancer survivors reported improved sleep quality, reduced tiredness, and fewer sleep medications after attending 2 sessions of yoga every week. Women in their menopause also noticed their symptoms  became less severe with regular yoga practice. People believe that an evening session of yoga could stimulate sleep efficiency.

Sleep medications do not always work with insomnia. And even with the best medications, insomnia treatments require lifestyle adjustments. Yoga helps build a healthy lifestyle that allows you to sleep, not only more but also better.

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Review Date: November 24, 2016 | Last Modified: December 6, 2019

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