Food to Avoid Before a Yoga Class

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Update Date 12/05/2020
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People believe that physical activities draw blood away from the digestive system to supply for the muscles. Therefore, it is not advisable to eat before any kinds of exercising, including yoga. However, if you are too hungry, you can have a simple meal, as long as it is free of those foods below.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are rich in nutrients, fat, and proteins. They are generally good for your health, except for when your body is demanding blood flow. To avoid having food sitting in your stomach while you are twisting your body, go for something lighter like raspberries. Indigestion is never good for a yogi.

Fried food

Your body needs a long period of time to digest fried food, perhaps up to hours. Imagine how hard your circulation system must work to supply blood to your muscles and your full-of-fries-stomach at the same time. A stomach full of fats definitely makes yoga poses unpleasant. Therefore, even if you have not so much time before the yoga class start, steer clear of fries.


Cheese is a source of fat and protein, which makes it difficult to be processed. Eating cheese makes you feel heavy and clumsy, which is the opposite of a yogi’s characteristics. For a quick energy boost, have some dark chocolate. Notice the cacao percentage in your chocolate bar. A good one should have more than 65% of cacao.

Meats and fish

It is true that lean meats and fish are good food. However, that only applies when your body has the time to digest them completely. Avoid eating meats and fish before getting on the yoga mat helps you maintain your lightness and flexibility. Instead of meats, try rice crackers or apples.


Avocados may be considered a superfood. Nevertheless, their high concentration of fats puts a huge pressure on your stomach. With the lack of blood flow due to physical activities, your stomach is not able to break down the fats. Save avocados for after the yoga class will do your stomach a huge favor.


People usually imitate what they have seen on TV. Some advertisements of milk and dairy products often add the image of a woman or a man who drinks milk before practicing. Actually, this is not quite good for your digestion. When you drink milk without eating something, milk will act as an acidic substance in the stomach. Hence eructation and halitosis will occur, and you will not like these things when exercising. That is why, please do not drink milk before practicing something, especially yoga.

Although most yoga instructors advise learners not to, eating before a yoga class is not a forbidden act. You just need to be a little bit more selective of what to fill in your stomach. The golden rule for every yogi is to stay away from foods that are high in fats and proteins.

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