It’s Your First Yoga Session? Here’s What You Need To Know

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When you hear the word “yoga”, what’s the first thing comes to mind? Is it a flexible body with unbelievably weird positions on the mattress? Or maybe the combination of painful and confused expressions while trying to balance the respiration and yoga poses? There’s a lot of expectations and assumptions before you step into your first yoga session but fret not, we got you covered.

Am I a yoga type?

Even if you have never done any yoga in your life, you probably have seen its depiction on TV sometime in the past. If you didn’t do any further homework beyond that, it’s an easy mistake to assume that yoga is all about slim figures in stretched sports attire with fruit-like brands’ label on; or being about posing with a very calm and relaxed expressions but in a straight posture.

If you have ever imagined those scenes explained above, well, you are not alone. Maybe you already had a long thought of starting your first yoga session but you turn down the idea of because you think you may not be flexible enough. However, yoga doesn’t discriminate and with the right preparation, you can grow to love it in no time.

Before your first yoga session

If you are reading this far, there’s a good chance that you are already halfway to signing up for the next yoga class. Before you embark on your first yoga session, below are some things you should take note of:

Being open-minded to the new adventure

Why does it become the first have-to-do list when you start practicing yoga? When you have these thoughts on your mind, such as you are not flexible enough, or slim enough, or young enough, or not confident enough to attend a yoga class because of poses that you do not recognize, it is important to encourage yourself come to a yoga class/session with an open mind that you are trying something new which needs adaptation.  This could help you lighten your burden when you look at other participants who look like a pro doing hard poses.

Please keep in mind that yoga is not a competition. The most important thing is you have spared your time coming to the mattress for practicing yoga. Another thing to remember is yoga applies for all of the people: from young to old and from slim to fat. The more you feel you are not flexible, the more you need to practice yoga.

Try different types of yoga

For the beginner who feels like yoga does not belong to you, trying different types of yoga is one of the most important things to remember. There are a lot of reasons behind it, such as if you have a dynamic personality but you try Hatha Yoga which is a slow-paced yoga, or if you are a relax person but you try Vinyasa yoga which is fast-paced yoga.

Apply the yoga ethic when entering yoga class

Be on time, turn off your phone or turn it into silent mode, and if you are coming to class with companion, soften your voice when you are talking before the class started. If there is any important circumstance which make you have to leave class earlier, do not forget to ask permission to the instructor before the class started. Do not hesitate to tell the instructor if it is your first time practicing yoga. You may also say thank you to the instructor if you enjoy the session, or if you have questions do not hesitate to ask at the end of the session.

Wear a comfortable costume

Do not freak out or feel inferior if you do not have any branded yoga costume. The most important point is you feel comfortable with your costume. Also, do not forget to bring a small towel or water bottle to make sure you are not dehydrated in your first yoga session.

Do not hesitate to use yoga supporting tools

Beside mattress which usually has been provided by yoga studio (included in the session/class cost), there are several studios which provide another yoga supporting tools, such as block and strap. These supporting tools can help you to adapt with yoga poses which you have not mastered. If you put the supporting tools next to your mattress, the instructor usually will guide you on using the supporting tools during the class. If you would like to seriously practice yoga, it is highly recommended to have a private high-quality yoga mattress. It’s like the best investment for your future yoga practice!

Say “thanks” to yourself!

Yes, it is important to appreciate your effort to come to the studio, practice and being sweaty for more than an hour. Please keep in mind that if you do yoga routinely, it will bring changes to you physically and mentally. So, do not forget to gather information regarding yoga class schedule and update it in your agenda. You can also buy a yoga package to be more economical and of course, to motivate you to go back practicing yoga as soon as possible.

The yoga journey is beautiful and it is a life-changing one. Your first yoga session should be a welcoming one and you can make that entree smooth by getting to know yoga’s fundamental. From thereon, be prepared to appreciate your body and mind much more than you ever knew you could. 

Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnose or treatment.

Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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