How to Manage Eye Burns

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Eye burns have many causes, from simple to complex. Normally, this condition occurs with symptoms such as itching, discharge eye pain. But in some cases, it doesn’t have any symptoms. To understand what is eye burn and how to relieve this condition, let consult the following information.

When do we have eye burns?

Actually, eye burns happen because of the simple cause. Almost every substance that have the direct contact with your eyes will burn the eyes, but not all of them are serious problems. Sometimes your eyes contact with soaps, shampoos, perfumes and it is not dangerous at all if you flush immediately with water.

  • Another reason is the contact lens. When you use contact lens for a long time, that also makes the eyes burns.
  • Moreover, if you often do make-up, use skin moisturizers, cleaning products, your eyes can be easy to be burned.
  • Weather can also be the cause of your eye burns. Environmental irritants such as smog, dust, smoke, pollen, or pet dander can be one of the causes of burning eyes. s too hot, cold or dry period. 

What symptoms of eye burns are?

When your eyes are burning, it has some signals below.

  • Blurred sight
  • Much tears
  • Itching
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Feel unendurable in the eyes
  • Light sensitivity

How do you manage eye burns?

The first step in first aid for eye burn caused by chemical or heat that you should do is to flush the eye with cool water. Remove your contacts in case you wear them. To flush your eyes, fill a sink or dishpan with water and put your face in the water. When doing that, you should open and close your eyelids so that the water can wash all parts of your eye.

For children, it is difficult to apply first aid measures for an eye injury. It depends on the child’s age, size, and ability to cooperate. It is advisable to ask another adult to help you. The child will remain calm and cooperative with slow and gentle movements. If it is hard for the child to be calm, he or she may need to be held strongly during first aid.

How to prevent?

Some suggestions include:

  • Let keep the cornea safely from UV-ray.
  • Use sunglasses whenever you go out under the sunlight.
  • Use the mask to protect your eyes.
  • Avoid the chemicals get in the eyes regularly especially with children.
  • Wash your hand carefully after use any chemicals or any liquid before touching the eyes.

Even though burning eyes isn’t dangerous. But we must protect your eyes from other risk eyes problems such as cataracts or blindness.

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Review Date: May 25, 2017 | Last Modified: December 4, 2019