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Update Date 12/05/2020
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Our skin has four main types. How can you determine your skin condition? Let follow the information provided in this article.

Normal skin

Signs: Not dry, not oil. Feeling comfortable.


  • The ratio of oil – water on the skin is quite balanced.
  • Very little or no defects.
  • The pores are almost impossible to see.
  • Not too sensitive to new products.

Direction of care:

  • Concentrate on the basic skincare steps (Face Wash – Moisturizing – Sun Protection) to maintain skin elasticity.
  • Early anti-aging products may be used as and when required.

Combination Skin

Signs: Dry cheek, forehead, and some other areas are normal.


  • The ratio of oil and water is unevenly distributed.
  • Have skin defects but not too much.
  • Oily areas are often enlarged pores, more likely to have blackheads or sebaceous glands.

There are two main types of skin: a mixture of natural oils (the area of the skin is oilier than the rest, especially the oil in the T-area) and dry mixtures (area of dry skin is greater than those of the rest.

Direction of care:

  • Depend on the type of oil or natural dry matter to consider using suitable products.
  • Combine different products to build their own routines.
  • Prioritize oil-based products, cleanse the skin in the summer, and give moisturizing products in the winter.

Dry Skin

Signs: Dry, uncomfortable, tight, feeling uncomfortable.


  • Feeling tight, uncomfortable, slightly itchy, especially after cleansing.
  • The skin is vulnerable to mold.
  • More sensitive than normal.
  • Small pores.
  • Wrinkles tend to look better.

Direction of care:

  • Regularly moisturize and sufficiently oil the skin.
  • Focus on moisturizing. Can use sleeping mask, serum, moisturizing essence.
  • Add eye cream to the area around the eyes, which is even drier than other areas of the skin.
  • Access to anti-aging products sooner.

Oily Skin

Signs: Oil everywhere. It is always greasy and shiny.


  • The surface often greasy shine.
  • Dehydration deficiency causes more oil secretion.
  • Wide open pores.
  • More blackheads, acnes and other blemishes.
  • The slowest rate of aging.

Direction of care:

  • Go to products that are capable of absorbing the oil.
  • Do not forget to give water to the skin, because the skin is dehydrated, the oil will secret more.
  • Add clay mask, specialty products (small pores, acnes).

● Keep the skin clean and free from any contact with any unused makeup and hands.

If you understand your skin exactly, you can know how to take care of them properly. Hopefully, you can find the best ways to care for your skin.

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