10 Things to Do After Waxing and Shaving to Prevent Rash and Irritation

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Waxing or shaving is a common thing for anyone who cares about their image to look neater and good. Waxing and shaving sometimes can cause rash and irritation on the skin in which as a result may leave marks. Rash and irritation is a common problem and can happen in a variety of situation, some of them will not be severe but some may cause serious problems. Some rash and irritation will cure in a short time, but some may take a few days or longer period to recover. Symptoms of rash and irritation include dry and scaly skin, reddish in colour, itchy and severe rashes may cause swelling and redness. Below are simple ways on how to treat your skin after waxing and shaving to restrain from rash and irritation.

1. Shower


A lukewarm shower is suggested to soften your skin after getting waxed and make sure the water temperature is not too hot. Your waxed skin will be more vulnerable to the dryness if exposed to hot water and will probably cause severe irritation. Apply creamy cleanser to remove wax residue instead of exfoliating products.

2. Apply gel or ointment


You can consider using gel-based or ointment products to treat your redness and irritated skin. Natural products like aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, grapeseed oil and Vitamin E oil will relieve the irritated skin and also have anti-bacterial properties such as the tea tree oil. For ointment choices, choose products with polymyxin B sulfate and bacitracin zinc to fasten the healing process and avoid products with neomycin, which may trigger allergic reactions.

3. Use ice or cold compress


Ice and cold compresses are useful to reduce redness and inflammation. With ice cubes, wrap them with a thin cloth before applying them on the skin an do not apply ice cubes directly on the skin surface as it may be sticking.

4. Do not touch the irritated skin


It is advised if the irritated skin remain untouched unless necessary like applying gel or ointment to the skin. Dirt and bacterias from unsanitized hands will expose the open pores of irritated skin to infections which can cause redness and severe conditions.

5. Wear loose clothes


Loose clothing will avoid friction and irritation as well as letting your skin to breathe. It is important to change into clean clothing to prevent germs from entering the open pores which may lead to other skin infections.

6. Limit your outdoor activities and exercise


Try to avoid doing exercise, tanning, saunas and hot tubs activities for a while until your skin gets full recovery. Exercise can cause rashes on the skin as the friction will keep happening on the irritated skin. The irritated skin is very sensitive to any heat and sunlight, so any activities which involve the use of heat such as tanning and hot tubs are not recommended.

7. Apply calamine lotion


Calamine lotion used to treat itchiness and helps to treat skin irritation. Calamine contains an active ingredient of zinc oxide, which has antiseptic properties to prevent infection as well as distract us from itch and keep scratching. World Health Organization consider it as one of essential, safe and the most effective medicine in the health system.

8. Don’t pop the bumps


After waxing, bumps will usually appear for certain people because of the applied stress to the surrounding skin. Avoid popping or picking the bumps as the bacterias will easily pass into the skin through pores and increase the skin infections.

9. Stay away from AHAs and BHAs exfoliants


Alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acid (BHAs) functions are removing the dead skin from the surface and can be found in cleansers, toners, moisturizers, scrubs, peels and masks. These hydroxy acids can make your skin thinner as they exfoliate the skin and affect the skin to become more irritated.

10. Apply natural antiseptic


Apple cider vinegar is one of natural antiseptic which can speed up the healing process of the skin and at the same time, prevent skin infections. Astringent and antiseptic properties from apple cider vinegar are beneficial to treat bumps, balances the skin’s pH and slash the inflammation.

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