High Blood Pressure Alternative Treatments

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Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a commonly dangerous disease, which can lead to strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, or kidney disease. Treatments for this disease aim to lower the blood pressure and keep important organs affected by it from damage. Besides medicines, lifestyle changes play an important role in treating hypertension.

Depend on diagnoses, heath care providers will help you create a plan that you must follow until your blood pressure is under control. If you are just in primary high blood pressure, you just need to change your lifestyle. A combination of medicines and a healthy lifestyle gives the best result. Habits you needs follow to lower blood pressure include:

Eat a healthy diet

The diet that hypertension patients should follow must be low in salt content. A healthy adult should eat no more than 2300 milligrams of salt a day, which is about 1 teaspoon. If you have had hypertension, the content of sodium you need for a day must be restricted to less than 1500 milligram. It is advisable to check labels in order to choose foods that have the lowest sodium amount. In addition, people with high blood pressure should also follow the DASH diet plan. To this plan, you are advised to eat more fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products; eat less saturated and total fat.

Maintain physical activities

Maintaining physical activities can contribute much to the decrease of your high blood pressure and many other health-related problems. Patients with hypertension should insult their doctor about the level and the type of exercise that suits your condition. Generally, doctors advise that high blood pressure patients do exercise at least 30 minutes every day or several days a week. But different levels and types of exercise require a different amount of time. The best activities you should practice is aerobic exercises such as brisk walking.

Keep healthy weight

A healthy weight is helpful in putting your blood pressure under control and lowering the risk for other diseases. Lose weight now if you are obese or overweight. Weight loss related to cholesterol, the amount of weight loss can improve blood pressure, decrease LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol. Body mass index or BMI, which calculates your weight with the relation of your height, is a useful tool to control your weight. You can discuss with your health care provider to know more.

Restrain alcohol

The more alcohol you drink, the more your blood pressure and triglyceride levels raise. Triglyceride is a type of fat that is found in the blood. Moreover, alcohol also gives more calories to your body causing weight gain. The recommended amount of alcohol that a man should take is no more than two drinks one drink for women. One drink is 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1,5 ounces of liquor.

Manage stress

Stress can cause negative effects on your mental and physical health, which may increase the blood pressure. You can apply some methods to relax and have strength to cope with problems. Listening to music, doing physical exercise, meditating are smart options. Moreover, yoga or Tai Chi courses will help you control your breath, anger, tiredness, and undisturbed in your mind.

Scientists are researching the change of high blood pressure cause, develop methods and medicines to control them. Maybe in the future new vaccines will be found out to prevent hypertension. The only thing you can do at the moment is to learn how to live with it. Some alternative treatments above are easy ways for you.

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