Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

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Heart attack symptoms in women are not always similar to those in men, such as chest pain radiating down one arm. Women can experience such heart attack symptoms, but the symptoms can sometimes be so mild that they may miss them.

Causes of A Heart Attack

Plague buildup in coronary arteries blocks the blood flow to the heart, leading to heart attacks. Heavy smokers, people who are highly stressed and excessively obese are at high risk of heart attacks. Heart disease is estimated as the leading killer of death in women, and therefore, it is important beyond measure that women, as well as men, should have a full grasp of the signs and symptoms, make regular appointments with your doctor, and learn the family history.

Symptoms of Heart Attacks

Chest pain or discomfort

This is considered the commonest heart attack symptom; however, the way women experience it may be dissimilar from that of men. The symptom may be like a fullness or squeezing, and the pain may not only reside on the left side, but it can also be anywhere in the chest. The symptom, in general, is believed to be really uncomfortable. Some cardiologists state that women may be slightly more likely to undergo other symptoms, such as nausea, shortness of breath.

Shortness of breath, nausea, lightheadedness

If you are experiencing difficulty breathing without any obvious reasons, you may have a heart attack, particularly if it occurs in conjunction with one or more other symptoms. It feels as if you have just run a marathon, but you are, in fact, barely making any movement.

Pain in arms, back, neck, jaw or stomach

Women are more likely to experience these symptoms than men. That the pain not only occurs on the chest and left arm but also on jaw or back may be quite bewildering. The pain can come bits by bits or all of a sudden, and it may perhaps peak and valley before ultimately intensifying. The pain may rouse you from sleep if you are sleeping. Cardiologists advise that people who experience inexplicable symptoms in any part of the body above your waist should tell their doctor or health-care provider at once. In the case of stomach pain, it is, from time to time, mistaken as a stomach ulcer, heartburn or the flu rather than a signal of a heart attack. Cardiologists report that women may, on occasion, suffer from serious abdominal pressure that manifests as if a huge animal was seated on their stomach.


Women who have heart attacks may be overwhelmed with a strong feeling of fatigue, even when they have not moved so much. Some patients report that they often feel tired in their chest and unable to effect simple activities.


This symptom is different than the perspiration you have from doing exercise or when you expose to high-temperature environments; it is more like stress-related sweating.

Look After Yourself

You can prevent heart disease by:

  • Quit smoking. One year of no smoking is synonymous with decreased risk of coronary heart disease.
  • You can keep the risk of stroke and heart attack low by spending half an hour every day walking.
  • Make sure you add healthy foods, such as leaner light meat, more vegetables, to your diet.

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