Mental Health
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Understanding What Are Phobias
Unlike normal short-term anxiety like speaking in public or taking a test, a phobia is long-lasting, causing intense physical and psychological reactions.
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social media
Mental Health, Healthy Living
Is Social Media to be Blamed for Millennial Mental Health Disorders?
The rise in prominence of these social media platforms have berthed to a notorious age of social media users dubbed ‘keyboard warriors’.
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rinitis alergi dan kecelaruan panik
Allergies & Autoimmune Conditions, Allergy, Health centers
Allergic Rhinitis Is Associated With Increased Risk Of Panic Disorder
Allergic rhinitis and panic disorder has been studied before but in examining the link between the two, previous studies were limited by their designs.
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Hoarding Disorder
A hoarding disorder is when someone acquires an excessive number of items and stores them in a chaotic manner.
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Can Running Affect a Person's Mental Health?
Running is one of the most effective cardio workouts. In addition to the physical health advantages, running can bring a number of mental health benefits.
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kanak-kanak sindrom down
Mental Health, Healthy Living
How to Cope with the Loss of a Friend
Losing a friend or your beloved one is never easy. You have been changed by this loss, but you can learn how to survive, even grow, from this challenge.
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Tips to Change Your Bad Habits Successfully healthy living emotional health
Fun Facts, Healthy Living
Tips to Change Your Bad Habits Successfully
Changing habits is not often easy. While some people appear to be able to make change happen simply by setting their mind to it, most people struggle.
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Sleeping Too Much? It Can Be Depression
Have you ever find yourself sleeping much more than you normally do? If you do, it might be because of depression.
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