4 Worrying Effects of Migraine on Your Entire Life

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Individuals suffering from migraines are more prone to experiencing some sort of worrying effect compared to others. In fact, migraine sufferers have been found to be three times more likely to experience mental health disorders such as depression, especially if their migraine attacks come frequently. For that reason, here are a few of the worrying outcomes which can accompany migraines, especially if you do not seek early intervention. 

Damaging Family Bonds

According to a massive study which was conducted in 2014, migraine does not just impact certain individuals, but affects their families as well. , more than 70 percent of the individuals studied agreed that they would be better partners, while almost 60 percent of them said that they would be better parents, if they were void of migraines.

Of course, it is a given that parenting while suffering from the debilitating symptoms of a migraine is no laughing matter. You may be in pain, but if you do not provide food and care for your children, it may cause moodiness and rebellion in the short-term, respectively. In the long run, it could result in your children growing up without adequate nutrition intake, apart from a failure to communicate with you if something is bothering them. When a migraine is trying to make you fail as a parent, always remember that being a parent in itself is a beautiful gift. Sought early treatment to avoid the joys of raising a family from being eroded.

Shying Away from the Social Eye

Dealing with a migraine can be likened to an infant who is in constant need of your attention. And while you are able to manage a migraine effectively, those within your social circle may not be able to comprehend the extent in which migraines can affect your overall well-being at times. Unless they personally suffer from migraines as well, of course. However, if they don’t, they might not understand just how debilitating migraines can be, and this may result in a number of different negative emotional impacts. 

It may include a sense of frustration, isolation or guilt, apart from feeling as if bridges have been burnt. To nip this feeling in the bud takes time, and requires an open mind from opposite sides of the table. Communication is the first step towards a better understanding. By incorporating a list of predetermined questions, you will be able to steer the conversation in a positive direction, which can be extremely gratifying for you and those around you.

Your Mental Health Can Take a Massive Beating

According to research, migraines, depression and anxiety disorders share a common predisposition. And based on a 2009 study on the correlation of mental health and migraines, 11 percent of the individuals who have migraines also suffer from mental health disorders, such as depression, general anxiety disorder (GAD), dysthymia, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, substance abuse disorder, agoraphobia, and simple phobia.

Not only that, studies have also shown that the occurrences of depression, anxiety disorders and bipolar disorder are higher in individuals suffering from migraines as compared to healthy individuals. In fact, for individuals suffering from depression and anxiety disorder, the onset of an anxiety attack usually happens before a migraine, but is preceded by severe depression. At the same time, new research has also suggested that individuals who suffer from both episodic and chronic migraines are more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the future as compared to other individuals.

Loss in Productivity and Financial Freedom

Whether you take sick leave, or show up to work, migraine attacks can still cause a loss in workplace productivity, as new research suggests. In one study, the impact of migraine attacks on employee productivity discovered that even though most individuals showed up to work, more total work hours were lost as compared to those who just stayed home. 

On the other hand, researchers reported that individuals who experienced 15 or more migraine attacks per month lost an average of 4.5 hours of productivity per week. Economically, it can create a steep financial impact, with billions lost annually on medical expenses and productivity time. However, this figure could potentially be higher in number, given the fact that not all individuals who suffer from migraines have been diagnosed just yet.

There are many ways in which you can manage migraines effectively. But of course, dealing with its impact on your life is not as easy. The important thing is to stay grounded, and take each day as it comes. Do not be afraid to seek help for your mental health. You are not alone in the fight against migraines. As a matter of fact, the power is in your hands, so take charge and wrestle back control over your life, starting from today!

Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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