A Visual Guide on Baby Poop

A baby's stools can tell you all you need to know as parents about his/her health condition. Use our Visual Guide to find out more.

Tanned and Thick Baby Poop


Formula-Fed Baby Poop

Formula-fed babies have pasty, peanut butter-like texture. In terms of colour, this poop form usually comes in a variety of colours with specks of brown – tan-brown, yellow-brown, or green-brown. Smell-wise, it’s more pungent than poop excreted from breastfed babies and a little less pungent than poop excreted from babies who are eating solid food.

What should I do

Formula-fed infants usually pass from 1 to 8 stools per day during the first week, and gradually slows down to a maximum of 4 stools per day. This usually lasts for up to 2 months. After the second month, most babies tend to pass 1 or 2 stools per day, or 1 stool on alternate days. However, if your baby experiences an increase in terms of number and looseness in stool passing, and if it lasts for more than 3 stools, suspect diarrhea.