Ahmad Wazir Aiman Mohd Abdul Wahab Medical Content Writer

Dr Ahmad Wazir Aiman attained his Medical Degree from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) in 2018. He is a very passionate writer on all things medicine and health care such as health conditions, infectious diseases, health economics and health policies. He is also one of the youngest Malaysians to publish a research article in an international journal, the International Journal of Higher Education, at the age of 19. Sometimes Dr. Wazir works in the film industry, serving as a medical cinematography consultant providing consultation, advice and training for local film companies and production houses and actors. Here he helps to depict accurate medical procedures, conditions and symptoms. As a Content Writer for Hello Doktor, Dr. Wazir ensures that our articles and other content are medically informative as well as easy-to-read.

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Skin Care, Beauty
All You Need to Know About Dry And Cracked Skin
Coming into contact with dry skin can be a put off, especially when shaking hands with another person, or when being sexually intimate with your partner.
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keadaan kulit
Skin Care, Beauty
Trivial Skin Diseases that Could Worsen without Care
While not all skin conditions need urgent treatment, one should never take their supposed trivial skin diseases lightly as they can worsen over time. 
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chemicals in vape
Quit Smoking, Healthy Living
5 Chemicals In Vape That Can Increase Mortality Rate
There are over 40 different chemicals found in various vape juices. Below are 5 dangerous chemicals found in vape that can increase mortality rate.
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aging population
Elderly Care, News, Local News, Healthy Living
Time To Immunise The Elderly
Malaysia is also facing aging population as it is estimated that in 2020, around 7.5% of the Malaysian population will be made up of those age 65 and above.
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sperm quality
Men's Health, News, Local News, Sex & Relationships, Healthy Living
Sperm Quality And Fertility Problems
Some couples still find it difficult to achieve the sperm and ovum union. And you’ve guessed it, one of the main reasons for this is the sperm quality. 
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