Sex After a Heart Attack


Sex seems to be challenging after you have suffered a heart attack. However, physical intimacy is a vital part of life. You can’t just keep avoiding sex forever. Fortunately, most people can enjoy sex safely after a heart attack.

When can you have sex again after a heart attack?

The answer depends on you. As soon as you feel healthy and ready for it, you can resume your sex life. If you feel comfortable doing moderate activities such as brisk walking or climbing stairs, you are strong enough to have sex. Talk with your doctor if you are not confident in your health status. Your doctor may perform an electrocardiogram to check your heart to be sure. If you had an angioplasty, you need to wait until your wound completely heals.

Can you have another heart attack during sex?

The risk of getting a heart attack during sexual activities is quite low. Less than 1 out of 100 cases of heart attacks is caused by sex. So, there is no need for concern.

Tips to have sex after a heart attack

  • If you are still worried, you can start with gentle things such as kissing or cuddling. When you have made up your mind about having sex, it’s advisable to:
  • Let your partner know how you think and feel. Your partner may have the same worries as yours.
  • Choose a comfortable time and place where there is no interruption.
  • Avoid doing it within 3 hours after a meal to prevent digestive problems.
  • Be aware that your (and your partner’s) anxiety may affect sexual arousal and performance. So, be prepared!
  • If you feel uncomfortable or experience chest pain, stop and rest for a while. If your discomforts do not go away with rest and a dose of nitroglycerin, seek medical help.

Sexual problems after a heart attack

A heart attack may leave physical changes that make sex harder for you. Some people suffer from a decreased sex drive. Men may experience erectile dysfunction while women often have vaginal dryness. If you have those problems, you should talk with your doctor to get timely treatment. Counseling and medication may help get your sex life back on track. Don’t try any sex-enhancing products without consulting with your doctor first. Certain medications used for treating erection problems may interact with the drugs you are using (like nitroglycerin), causing serious health risks. Counseling may be beneficial as it provides you with support and advice on relieving anxiety and fears about sex.

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