What Causes Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is one of the men’s most common fears, acting as a great hindrance to a man’s sex life. This article will dig into the 7 typical causes that lead to this dysfunction.

What is ED?

ED (erectile dysfunction) happens when a man has repeated difficulty sustaining an erection. If this is an ongoing problem, sexual intercourse will be negatively affected.

The causes

Psychological causes

Stress can be adverse to sex. Depression, either from loads of work or anxiety about sex, can produce feelings that interfere with sexual activities. As men age, this problem will become more serious, therefore, psychological counseling will be needed.

Physical causes

Brain disorder
The nervous system helps trigger blood to flow through the veins and stay in your penis to cause an erection. If the nervous system breaks down, then your erection will be affected. Common illnesses that affect the nervous system include Parkinson disease, Alzheimer disease, strokes, multiple sclerosis and so on. These will disrupt crucial signals and cause erectile dysfunction.

Organic diseases that affect the blood flow
Blood flow is another crucial part in the erectile process. There are some diseases that may disrupt the blood flow. The first one is diabetes. With diabetes, fat impedes the flowing process of blood and damages the vessels. Men with diabetes experience erectile dysfunction 10 to 15 years earlier than those without diabetes. The next one is kidney disease, which not only affects the blood flow but also causes you to lose energy and sex drive. As a result, arteries become narrowed or even blocked, making the preparation phase of sex very difficult.

Surgery & injury
Injuries to the pelvis, bladder or penis can cause the blood to flow out too quickly. This dysfunction is called venous leak and can lead to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, surgery is usually required. However, during surgery, nerves and tissues required for erection may be affected. Sometimes, the damage is even permanent. Besides, treatment for bladder or prostate cancer can also negatively affect the nervous system crucial for the erection process.

Hormone problems
Sex drive is fueled by hormones. Therefore, when the hormones in your body get imbalanced, you may struggle with sex. Imbalances in hormones can result from pituitary gland tumors, depression, organic diseases or more seriously, prostate cancer.

Tobacco use leads to poor blood circulation and affects the cavernosal function. Alcohol and drug use also make men more vulnerable to ED. Surprisingly, there are over 200 prescribed medications that can cause erectile dysfunction. So, you need to think carefully before taking certain kinds of drugs.

One thing that can happen during the aging process is prostate enlargement, which can lead to erectile dysfunction. However, this is a natural process that nobody can stop.

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