What Are the Symptoms of Brain Tumor?

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A brain tumor is a growth of functionally and morphologically abnormal cells in your brain. Brain tumors can include cancerous cells or non-cancerous cells. They can start right in the brain or in some other parts of the body, then spread to the brain.

The main reason causing a brain tumor is not clear, but there are some identified risk factors which may contribute to the possibility of brain tumors, including old age, exposure to radiation or your family history of this fatal disease.

The patients with a brain tumor may suffer the following symptoms:


The pain from headache will be severe compared to normal headaches. Over fifty percent of people with brain tumors experience headache along with other symptoms. Headaches are caused by the pressure exerted by the tumor mass on either the nerves in the brain or on the blood vessels, which are sensitive to pain. Normally, the pain will get worse when you perform certain activities such as coughing, shouting and bending.


Patients may experience the loss of consciousness and body tone, along with loss of control of body functions. Such attacks do not last for an extended time and they usually involve involuntary body movements. Seizures are also associated with a change in the consciousness coupled with sensory distortions. The type of seizure you might experience is related to the tumor location.

Loss of memory

A highly common symptom noticed in individuals with brain tumor is loss of memory. Short term memory lapses are more noticeable than memory loss of prolonged duration.


Patients with a brain tumor will suffer from depression and sadness. They lose their happiness and enthusiasm for other activities.

Changes in the ability to hear and see

They may cope with some difficulties, including loss of hearing and loss of part of the vision or double vision.


Symptoms that hint towards depression has been commonly observed among brain tumor patients and these tend to escalate in intensity and frequency over time. One fourth of all brain tumor afflicted patients suffer from phases of major depression. Such symptoms are also seen in those who underwent surgery for brain tumor removal.

Arm and leg weakness

Altered perception of touch or pressure, one side of the arms or legs may be weak and confusing.

Difficulty of facial expression

Patients with brain tumor may have difficulty swallowing, facial weakness or numbness.


Because of the enormous growth in size of the tumor cells, the pressure in the brain may rise. As a result, patients might sleep for longer than normal, although this only occurs  later in the development of brain tumor.

Changes in behavior

Patients with brain tumor might find it extremely difficult to handle more than one task at a time. They might also get stuck in the same thought over and over and cannot focus on anything.

Brain tumor is a serious condition, you should see a doctor if your notice any changes in your behaviors.

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