Ways to Support Your Child’s Eyes

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There is an idiom “ The eyes are the window into the soul”. The eyes are very important to people. So, we must protect them since childhood. So how can you prevent your children from eyes problems? Let read these ways below.

Get used to good daily habits

Since your child is still young, he or she can easily get used to good habits. For instance,:

  • Reading books or studying with a distance at least 30 centimeters. When the child bows too close to the book, there can occur many problems. Not only will your child have myopic, but he or she may also have diseases related to bone, joint, posture, etc.
  • Limited time for phones, laptop, and television. Every day, you should allow your child to spend only about one or one and half hours playing video games. And whenever they use phones, computers or watching TV, adjust their head far away from the screen.
  • Relax your eyes after sitting before the screen 1 hours.
  • Encourage your child to join outdoor activities. This makes them forget about playing games and watching cartoon and film. This also helps the child practice the eyes with far and strong sight.

Create eyes supporting foods diet

To avoid and control myopic, you must have sufficient nutrient groups below in your daily diet:

  • Vitamin A foods group: tomato, carrot, baby jack fruit, egg yolk, etc.
  • Carotene foods group: field cabbage, green peas, sweet potato, etc.
  • Crom foods group: beef, animals liver, peas, mushroom, etc.
  • Calcium foods group: craft, shrimp, arca, ocean fish, milk, egg, etc.

Manage stress

Stress is one of the causes that make your eyes tired. Nowadays, children must study too much, so they usually feel stretched. This causes all the nerves to work harder under high pressure. Therefore, the nerves can be injured, making the eyes down sight dramatically.

Keep hygiene eyes                                                                                                  

For your child to have clean eyes, these steps are recommended:

  • Use sun- glasses regularly whenever your child goes outside. This helps protect their eyes from dust, UV-ray, polluted air.
  • Use a clean handkerchief to towel the face. Avoid sharing or using handkerchief with someone else.
  • Do not allow your child to rub the eyes with their hand because our hands always have a large number of bacteria. Therefore, the eyes can be infected.
  • Use collyrium frequently. When your child’s eyes feel, remind them to use eyewash instead of rubbing the eyes. Use specific collyrium but to be careful, you should also consult doctors.

● Visit doctors if the eyes of your child have abnormal signals.

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Review Date: July 14, 2017 | Last Modified: December 4, 2019

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