The Symptoms of Stage 4 Breast Cancer

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Stage 4 breast cancer, which is also known as the end stage breast cancer, is considered as the most advanced stage and has the worse outlook.

Here below are the commonest symptoms that women who get an early diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer usually experience:

Breast lump

Tumors, during the initial stages of cancer, are usually so small that hardly can we notice or feel anything. Mammograms and other kinds of cancer screening techniques are, as a result of the tiny size of the early tumors, often recommended and advised by doctors and healthcare providers.

Tumors with large size do not always exist in stage 4 cancer, but a number of women will notice or feel a lump in their chest. The lump can appear under or around the area of the armpit. Women can also feel a usual swelling surrounding the breast or armpit areas.

Skin changes

Skin changes can be the consequence of some sorts of breast cancer. Paget’s disease of the breast, for instance, is a type of cancer which appears in the nipple area. There also occur tumors within the breast when someone has Paget’s disease. You may feel your skin itchy or tingling, thick or red. Some even suffer from skin that has turned flaky and dry.

Skin may also change due to the inflammatory breast cancer. Lymph vessels are impeded by the cancer cells, which leads to redness, swelling, and dimpled skin. These are symptoms which may develop among people with stage 4 cancer particularly if the tumor is large or related to the breast skin.

Nipple discharge

A symptom patients can experience, no matter what stage of breast cancer it is, is nipple discharge. Nipple discharge is any fluid, whether it has color or is transparent, that is released from the nipple. The fluid can be yellow, look like pus, or look bloody.


During the early stages of breast cancer, the breast may look and feel absolutely normal, despite the growth of a number of cancer cells inside it. At the later stages, swelling may happen in the breast area and/or the arm that is affected. This happens because of the existence of the cancerous and large lymph nodes under the arm. The normal flow of fluid will then be blocked, resulting in the accumulation of fluid or lymphedema.

Other symptoms

  • Pain in breast
  • Tiredness
  • Sleep problems (insomnia)
  • Stomach upset
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Shortness of breath

During the stage 4 breast cancer, cancer can spread from the breast to other organs of your body. Lungs, liver, bones are regarded as the three places that are most commonly influenced.

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