Breast Cancer Recurrence – What You Should Know

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Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers are now threatening the life of the patient. With the development of science, the treatment of breast cancer already have some certain therapies to remove the tumor and kill the cancer cells remaining in the body. However, about 10-20% of breast cancer may recur.

Breast cancer is a malignant disease appeared in the cells of the breast tissue. The treatment of breast cancer is used to remove all cancer cells. However, there are still a few cells survive by undetected, replication, become regular breast cancer. Breast cancer can recur again in the same original tumor, called a local recurrence. The second type of breast cancer recurrence in the former location of the tumor called a regional recurrence. Cancer can also spread to other organs in the body, such as the lymph nodes, bone marrow, or the lungs – this case is called metastasis. Breast cancer recurrence can occur several months or years after the initial treatment. The signs and manifestations of recurrent breast cancer depend on the location where cancer has returned.

Recurrence right where original breasts

Symptoms that appear new tumors in the breast, hard abnormal breast, signs of inflammation or redness in the breast, flat nipple, can indent, blood or pus flowed or other abnormal changes.

Brain metastases

The symptoms of breast cancer recurrence were headache if tumor relapse in the brain. A headache is the result of breast cancer recurrence in other remote locations and with common symptom in people with headache. Headaches caused by breast cancer recurrence often more severe, last longer and occur more frequently as well. According to medical experts, the symptoms can come to express visual disturbances and muscle weakness. So when breast cancer patients feel unusual headaches or other neurological symptoms, should consult to detect early relapse of breast cancer in the brain in time.

Liver metastases

Some cases of breast cancer recurrence are new tumors appearing in distant organs in the body, also known as distant recurrence. Distant recurrence can occur if the cancer cells spread before surgery for breast cancer, cells that have spread to other organs are not removed. Recurrent breast cancer can occur in many different organs of the body, but mainly in the liver. Because of this, patients often appear symptoms of appetite, unexplained weight loss. If you have these symptoms, the patient should be examined as soon as possible to check for signs of cancer in the liver. Because of this condition, if not corrected in time can cause serious complications such as liver failure, liver cancer. Liver metastases are one of the symptoms of breast cancer is extremely dangerous.

Lung metastases

The lung is under the influence of metastatic breast cancer. Difficulty breathing can be a symptom of breast cancer recurrence in the lungs. Other signs include coughing, mucus appears bloody.

Breast cancer often recurs in patients who have treatments before. Therefore, health monitoring after surgery is very important for the early detection of recurrent breast cancer and getting appropriate treatment.

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