Dr. How Kang Nien Dermatology

University and Degree : MBBS (UM); MRCP (UK); MRCP (LONDON)

Medical License : 133517

Dr. How Kang Nien is affiliated to the Department of Medicine, University Putra Malaysia, where Dr. How Kang Nien is currently working as Lecturer. Dr. How Kang Nien has numerous publications within the specialty and published in reputed national and international peer-reviewed journals. Dr. How Kang Nien is actively associated with different national and international societies and academies. Dr. How Kang Nien gain recognition among the honourable subject experts with the contributions made. Dr. How Kang Nien is been appreciated by several reputed awards and funding support. Dr. How Kang Nien major research interest is in studies related to Dermatology.

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