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Anger is a part of human being’s normal emotion but should it go out of control, it can lead to a lot of serious interpersonal problems. It can also be bad for your mental and physical well-being. When you reflect on the exact cause of your anger and practice the steps to control it, you can prevent anger from getting the best of you.

Why should I control my anger?

Anger is neither a positive or a negative emotion. Just like other emotions, anger plays an important role in conveying messages or expressing one’s sadness as well the underlying reasons why one would feel threatened or violated. It makes perfect sense for someone to be angry when they are not treated well but it becomes a problem when a person chose to act in a way that is dangerous for oneself and the people around them, because of that anger. That is why a lot of tools have been developed to help people manage as well as divert their anger.

How can I control my anger? 

The goal of anger management is not sot that you can keep the feeling inside and let it gradually turn you bitter but it’s more on understanding the reason behind what triggered the emotion in the first place and to express it in ways that would not be detrimental to others. When you do this right, you would not just be able to bask in the satisfaction of getting your feelings across, but you would also be able to manage other life conflicts without jeopardising your interpersonal relationships. 

Below are some ways that can help you to better understand your anger and to control it.

Think before you speak. Take as much time as needed to think about your choice of words before uttering. Poorly worded expression can have real repercussions. 

Express your dissatisfaction when you are a lot calmer. State the issues that resulted in your initial dissatisfaction and convey them in ways that would not disheartened others. 

Take a walk. Be it walking or jogging, take a time out to do some physical activities, as all these things help to divert and control your anger. 

Take some time to cool down. Refraining from saying anything and keeping your cool can help you overcome upcoming obstacles without being furious.

Identifying viable solutions. Keep reminding yourself that giving in to anger will not benefit anyone especially yourself. Be actively reminding this pearl of wisdom to yourself, it will channel your thoughts into finding solutions for the problem.

Laughter is the best medicine. Lightening up the mood can ease the tension. However, avoid slipping into making snide remarks or sarcasm.

Practice relaxation techniques. Taking in series of deep breathe, meditating and doing yoga can help control your temper. You can also try listening to music, writing or whatever it is that helps to calm your nerve.

Knowing when to ask for help.  When anger spills out of control, consider asking help from a friend, a doctor or a psychiatrist (if possible) and you might spare yourself from regret.

Learning the art of anger management is a challenge to everyone at some point of their life. Anger management is easier said than done but with time and practice, it will gradually become easier for you to do.

Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. 

Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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