How to Use A Home Pregnancy Test?

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You are experiencing some abnormal physical and emotional changes. Do you wonder if you get pregnant? You probably hear a lot of old-wives’ tales already. Some of them fit your signs, and some do not. The only way to be sure is taking the pregnancy test. If you are inexperienced, take a look at this. Here is how you can have a pregnancy test at home.

How do pregnancy tests work?

Home pregnancy tests check your urine to see how much HCG you have. HCG means human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that appears when your body is building the placenta. For example, you usually have a 28-day cycle. Your ovulation starts on day 14, and your egg is fertilized a couple of days later. The embryo takes several days to grow to an extent, then implants itself in your uterus, where the placenta forms. Now, HCG gets into your bloodstream, filtering through your kidneys, thus appearing in your urine around day 25 or 26.

How do I take a home pregnancy tests?

There are many types of tests you can buy at the pharmacies. Each of them will have different specifics. So, read the directions on the package carefully to make sure you know what to do. Do not forget to check the control panel to see if the test works. Also, be patient. Many people do not wait long enough for the test to work its magic.

When should you do the test?

It is advisable to use your first urine of the day for the pregnancy test since you do not drink anything during your sleep, which makes your urine more concentrated. If there is HCG in your urine, it will be picked up easier. However, if you have missed your period quite some time, you can test almost any time during the day because then your HCG levels are probably high already.

Can it be too soon for a pregnancy test?

Home pregnancy tests promise to detect a pregnancy even before you miss your next period. But if you want to be 100% sure, you should wait until your period is due. In case you have an irregular period, it is helpful to do the test one week past the time you are supposed to have your period.

If you have a positive result, it is time to pay your doctor a visit to arrange future checkups for your pregnancy. It is also the time to start taking care of yourself. Remember to take your prenatal vitamins religiously, stay away from alcohol, quit smoking, and adopt a healthy diet.

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