Missing Your Period But Still Not Pregnant?

Author: Dian Sonnerstedt Yoga Expert

Some call it period while others call it menstruation. Some see it as a monthly nuisance, some see it as a blessing. Regardless of how you perceive it, they serve as a powerful indicator for pregnancy. However, for some people, they find themselves neither pregnant nor experiencing menses.

So, why am I still missing my period?

The following reasons, excluding pregnancy, may explain why you’re missing your monthly menses.


Stress is the most common cause for missing your bloody monthly appointment. Stress can be a result of physical or emotional endurance. During a stressful episode, your body may function a bit differently. Aside from headaches, weight gain, acne or other skin issues, the hypothalamus – the part of the brain that controls your menstrual cycle – is also affected. The irregular production of hormones from the hypothalamus may delay your menses. Also, being stressed over time may lead to illness, which in turn leads to missed periods. If you think stress is the reason, try some relaxation techniques that may help get you back on track.

Weight problems

Weight problems are more than just being overweight. Being underweight is also a problem. Frankly, anything that causes your weight to change in an extreme fluctuating manner can result in menstrual irregularity. Eating disorders or exercising excessively might be the culprit. Low body weight means lacking the amount of estrogen needed to regulate the cycle and vice versa. Therefore, a balanced diet and exercise is ideal in this case.

Medications and birth control

Some medications can have an effect on your menstrual cycle. This includes antidepressants, antipsychotics and birth control medications. Birth control works by suppressing the hormones, nearly (if you take a low-dose pill) or totally, and thus it stops the body from ovulating. You should expect a lack of menses during your period because there will be less or no lining to shed in the uterus. The morning-after-pill (the emergency contraceptive) can also delay the period.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome – PCOS

Sometimes, hormonal imbalance may be the case. PCOS causes the male hormone, androgen to overproduce and therefore the imbalance occurs. Accompanied signs are excess hair growth, acne, weight gain, and infertility. The results range from irregular ovulation to missed menstruation. Your doctor may recommend some treatment plans including birth control prescription.

Thyroid issue

The thyroid gland is responsible for the body’s metabolism. Metabolism ensures the body functions normally and therefore, it affects hormones including estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. An over or underactive thyroid (hyper- or hypothyroidism) can cause you to experience late menses or missing your period altogether. If you think that your unregulated cycle may have something to do with this, contact your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Besides the 5 common reasons above, there are some more reasons you can look out for, a premature menopause, a chronic disease, a sudden change in your daily routine or maybe it’s just because of your lifestyle. Anyway, while missing your monthly period can be worrisome, it’s better to stay calm and consult a doctor for a more precise description.

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Review Date: January 28, 2017 | Last Modified: November 21, 2019

Dian Sonnerstedt Yoga Expert
Dian Sonnerstedt is a yoga practitioner since 2016. Her love of yoga turned her from working as a Marketing executive in huge corporation, to a life as ...
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Dian Sonnerstedt Yoga Expert

Dian Sonnerstedt is a yoga practitioner since 2016. Her love of yoga turned her from working as a Marketing executive in huge corporation, to a life as a full-time yoga instructor. She received her certification from One Song Yoga School in 2014, followed by certifications in Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga, Sunshine Network for Thai Yoga Massage, and Yin Mindful Immersion Yoga in 2015. Dian officially registered in YogaAlliance.org.

Dian teaches various types of Yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Prenatal Yog. She has opened private classes, as well as classes for office, and in studio @Yoga42 Senayan Arcadia. She wants to share her knowledge of Yoga and inspire everyone to love Yoga, as it has had a positive impact not only physically but mentally on the practitioners. In this column, Dian will share all about yoga, why it is good for you and how to practice Yoga for those who have experience, or who had never touched a yoga mat.

Find out more about yoga with Dian Sonnerstedt on her Instagram account @diansonnerstedt (https://www.instagram.com/diansonnerstedt/)

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