Tips to Deal with Fights When Traveling as a Couple

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Every couple fights, at least once in a while. Fighting often happens when the two of you are under stress. Needless to say, traveling will give you stress as unexpected things keep arising. As a result, it’s easy to fight while traveling. Instead of fooling yourself that no one fights during such a wonderful vacation, it’s important to accept that fighting happens and learn useful tips to deal with fighting while traveling as a couple.

Stay calm

It’s easy to fight with your loved one when you two are about to miss your flight or when you have just had your luggage stolen. Take a deep breath and keep your cool. Remind yourself that you do not need to explode and everything will be alright.

Spend some time apart

If you two fight too frequently, even small things may irritate you, leading to an unnecessary fight. It’s helpful to have some alone time to cool off. This is a chance to miss each other. Go get your nails done while he enjoys a beer or two. After your alone time, you may come back missing your loved one more than ever and what made you fought before seems insignificant.

Love and respect

The longer you stay in a relationship, the more likely you are to lose romance. Showing your love and respect toward your loved one is the key to dealing with fights. If your loved one looks tired or stressed, give them a hug or just leave them alone, depending on their preferences. If they need space, do not intrude. Since you two are in love, you should know best what to do.

Be the one who was wrong

Sometimes, a fight may seem to last forever because no one wants to be the one who was wrong. But, is it worth the price if being right means you have to attack and hurt the one you love? Occasionally, you need to step down and admit to be wrong even if you know for sure that wasn’t your fault. Ironically, if you do so, you love one may stop being defensive and realize their mistake.

Avoid fighting in public

If you need to fight, get to some place private first. This is not a reality show. What’s even more annoying than a crying baby on the plane? A fighting couple. Couples tend to fight over lame things. There’s no need to tell the world about it. The reaction of the audience may even add fuel to the fire.

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Review Date: May 18, 2017 | Last Modified: December 6, 2019

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