Couples Who Have Sex Just Once a Week Are Happiest

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Update Date 12/05/2020
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Many people believe that sex is the key in a relationship, and a happy couple is the one who has plenty of sex. However, that is not entirely true. Making love is important. But still, when it comes to sex, the more is not the merrier.

The new light on sex

A new study found that the happiest partners only have sexual  once a week. The study looked at data collected over 30 years in the form of questionnaires done by 30,000 Americans. Frequent sex can be associated with happiness, which is only true up to one attempt every week. More sexual attempts are not good for either satisfaction or well-being. Therefore, it is not necessary for couples to try to make love as much as possible. A sexual connection is vital, but so are realistic expectations.

Sexual myths on stereotypes debunked

It is commonly believed that men have more urge for sex, and older people do not want as much as the young. In fact, the study suggested that there is no difference in sexual needs among different genders, ages, or relationship length. The findings are consistent for both men and women, younger and older people, and married couples at any stage.

More sex does not guarantee more happiness

The study may help many couples find their peace. We all know sex helps couple bond with each other. Besides, it feels great to know that your loved one still desires you. Nevertheless, with the busy lifestyle that most people lead these days, factoring in responsibilities with children and other family members, participating in sexual intercourse once a week is much more realistic and achievable. Perhaps pop cultures have forced us to believe that people who are in love should be having sex all the time. But from a scientific point of view, human bodies are not designed to reach that mythical expectation. The more you try to have sex, the more likely you and your partner will get bored.

In short, we can rest assure that containment will not increase with more frequent intimacy. If you and your partner do not participate in sexual intercourse as much as others, it is fine. Couples who have more sex than you are not necessarily any merrier. The golden formula to maintain an intimate relationship is understanding, care, and appropriate sexual connection. It is important that you do not put too much pressure on yourself or your partner to keep the fire. Every couple is different and obviously, has a different pace. Just figure out something that the both of you are comfortable with.

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