Burdened by Regret: How to Break Free

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There are always moments that your mind is filled with disappointment about yourself or regrets about something in the past. Research has shown that pangs of regrets can cause disturbance to your physical and mental health. Let’s find out the nature of regrets and how we can break free from them.

Trust yourself

Regrets are very common. Being a human means that you will do things you regret and it is inevitable. While you haven’t found yourself a way to move on, others do. Other people manage to deal with their regrets, and free themselves from the burden of regrets to enjoy life. Don’t think that you cannot do it. You have plenty of potentials to relieve your regrets if you encounter your actions and your mistakes behind them.

Accept the fact that nobody is perfect

Should you carry twinges of regrets, it means that you are responsible for what you did or what you didn’t do. It is evident that shouldering responsibility is essential, and it is important that we do not evade from our own mistakes. Therefore, it is alright, and crucial, to have an insight into the reasons for your actions.

However, accepting the fact that you are merely human ought to be balanced with owning up to your actions. Human limitation is unquestionable. There are things that you can do and things that are out of your reach or control. It is human nature. Even when you know something very well, you can still make wrong judgments. From time to time, you may act in an emotional and unreasonable way. Everyone is imperfect, and has drawbacks, and makes mistakes.

Think about the way you treat and accept your family and your friends without considering their imperfections. You should practice accepting yourself as the way you accept them. You should know that mistakes are not marked for your failure; they show your humanity.

How to break free from burdened mistakes?

Dealing with your regrets does not mean you will be fully relieved. You can still feel upset, or sad, other guilty about things you have done. If you have these feelings, you should take these five steps:

  1. Accept these emotions. Let them in and pacify yourself as you pacify an emotional child.
  2. Tell yourself that everything is going to be fine. Sympathize yourself. Go for a walk or immense yourself in a long, hot bath.
  3. Make an appointment with your best friends and share your feelings with them.
  4. If possible, say apology to the one your hurt.
  5. If you cannot make such compensation, you can commit yourself to helping others in the same situations.

Perhaps you can receive forgiveness from those you have hurt. Perhaps not. Perhaps you should take notice of your disappointment in yourself and pay less attention to what others think. You should take responsibility for easing your own load no matter what regrets you are having. You should see yourself more than the mistakes you have made.

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Review Date: June 15, 2017 | Last Modified: December 3, 2019

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