12 Ways to Improve Concentration (Part 1)

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While some people are born with perfect concentration, many others have to struggle constantly just to keep their minds from wandering around. If you are suffering from a wandering mind, here are 12 ways to improve your concentration.

Put your task on a to-do list, sorting by priorities

What you need to do is tackling the important tasks first when your concentration is still in order. Therefore, when your concentration starts to wear off, it is likely that you have done all the big jobs.

Stop looking at your email inbox

Emails come at all time. Drifting from work to read a single email at its arrival can be very time-consuming. Set some time to read all of them later.

Stay away from your social network accounts

It is tempting to check your accounts now and then to see what is going on in the online world. So, to be more concentrate on the job, not the network, turn off your computer whenever possible.

Break your goal down into smaller targets

Having a big goal can scare off your concentration. Try to divide your task into small parts that fit your attention span.

Find your ideal work place and stick with it

Moving from here to there is pretty distracting. Try a few places then go with the one that feels most comfortable.

Avoid noises

Your work space should be as quiet as it can get. If you cannot afford a private office, try to share your place with someone who does not work loudly.

Set alarms

Time yourself for each task will keep you concentrated. If by any chance your mind does wander around, having an alarm will pull you back to work.

Organization is a must

A messy work space is the biggest distraction one can get. At least, keep your desk clean and neat. But do not leave what you are working just to clean your desk because that is called procrastination.

Plan everything ahead

A clear and precise planner will keep your day focused. If you are forgetful, go with a digital planner so that you will be reminded of all important events.

Do not stress yourself out

Stress can worsen your condition. To maintain your concentration, keep yourself relaxed.

Take notes

Writing things down can prevent your mind from flying away since it forces your brain to follow the current event. Notes are also useful in case you do not have the best memory.

Keep your everything in the same place

What can be more distracting than not being able to find your planner and notes? If you need them to stay focus, then put it somewhere you can find easily so you will not be distracted with finding them.

If your concentration gets worse and worse, you may be suffering from a disease called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In that case, it is advisable to seek medical care. With proper treatment, your attention span should grow longer.

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Review Date: November 5, 2016 | Last Modified: December 6, 2019

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