How Yoga Boosts Male Reproductive Health

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Update Date 12/05/2020
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For a long time, yoga has been known as the gateway to a healthy body and mind. However, not as many yogis are aware of its benefits to the male reproductive system. Not only women can use yoga to improve their fertility, now there are enough evidence to prove it can boost the male reproductive system as well.

Yoga stimulates blood flow around the pelvic area

Research has shown that yoga increases the blood supply to the lower part, which helps men achieve and maintain erection easier. Sufficient blood supply affects sexual hormones and improves sperm counts and qualities. In addition, this practice also reduces your prostate size, preventing prostate diseases from occurring.  Since yoga relieves anxiety and depression, it also improves your reproductive system.

Best yoga poses for your reproductive organs

If you and your partner are having problems conceiving, you may want to try one of these poses before heading to infertility treatments.

  • The pigeon pose
  • The dancers pose
  • The twisting triangle
  • The Sun Salutation sequence

These poses directly affect the nerve endings and blood vessels in the pelvic areas. It will help to hold each pose for a while (at least six deep breaths) while your body relaxes deeply into the pose. If you have never tried any yoga before, it is advisable to join a class first. Beginners need a good instructor to make sure their postures are correct. Wrong postures may result in severe injuries.

Combine yoga with a healthy diet

Regular practice of yoga and a healthy diet is the golden formula to a strong immune system, increasing your chance at conception. Fill your meal with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. According to a study on male fertility published in the Journal of Nutrition, male subjects who have a high intake of oily fish experience an increase in their sperm count up to 65%. What is even more fascinating about this is the effect can be observed almost immediately. This means a tuna dish for lunch will pay off just in time for the evening. It is also advisable to steer clear of processed meats since they can lower your sperm quality.

Yoga is not the definite cure for infertility; however, consider its proven benefits and friendly cost, it’s worth the try. Take your time and let your body enjoy the exercise for a while.  You can see how your body respond before heading to a fertility clinic.

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