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Update Date 12/05/2020
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Exercise is known as the most popular and effective way for body-building and creating a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is never too late to increasing the activeness of your everyday life and benefit from it.

The positive influences of exercise

Firstly, acknowledging the positive influences of exercise on your body will lift up your motivation to start moving. For example, these influences will help:

  • Create a healthy and strong heart;
  • Avoid high blood pressure risk;
  • Maintain the most optimal weight;
  • Release stress and burn off fat;
  • Encourage confidence and good mood;
  • Sleep better.

Consulting with your doctor

Secondly, keep in mind some fundamental questions before starting to exercise. You can visit a doctor for further information: the amount of exercise per day/week, type of activities, medications problems, warning signs, pulse rate, etc. Besides, if you are a novice and have any health problems, it is advisable to contact a certified fitness trainer or your cardiologist.

Choosing suitable exercise for your health

Thirdly, some renown exercises that are effective in strengthening your heart are:

  • Cardio: This exercise helps to pump your heart rate and strengthens your cardiovascular system. It consists of various activities with respective intensity such as walking, jogging, rope jumping, bicycling, skiing, skating, etc.
  • Strength training: Along with cardio, this exercise will tone your body and build up your muscles. Generally, the lighter the weight you put on, the more effective it is since heavy weights can only raise your blood pressure temporarily. Therefore, try to exercise with lighter weights and repeat multiple times. These weights can be hand weights, weight machines at a gym, resistance bands, or your own body weight.

Tips for newbies

It is recommended by professionals to repeat each set several times and get you a break one or two days before the next session.  Furthermore, for the newbies, it is essential that you start the exercise regularly at a slow pace. Once you get used to the intensity of your work-out exercise, make them gradually longer or tougher over time. Last but not least, try to keep up with the new habit and you will see the result in the near future. On the other hand, to maximize the benefits you should follow some of these tips:

  • Exercise an hour after your meal.
  • Always remember to warm up to help your body slowly adjust to arduous exercises.
  • Do not abruptly stop your exercise since it can make you feel dizzy or light-headed, instead gradually cool down when you are done. Take small sips water before, during, and after your workout.

Do not neglect your health

Finally, never neglect your body. It is possible to have muscle sore the beginning of your exercise. However, anytime, you feel chronic and severe pain or other symptoms such as chest pain, weakness, dizziness, and light-headedness, etc. It is critical to stop your workouts and search for help.

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