Facts and Myths About Yoga You May Not Know

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Update Date 04/12/2019
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Yoga has become very popular around the world. However, many people still misunderstand yoga, leading to the suspicion and prevent them from joining this healthy movement. Whoever you are, you can do yoga without having to worry about the myths.

Yoga is for women

At the present, the majority of women do yoga, but you don’t forget that men are the ones who created this sport a thousand years ago. Many people believe that the gentle, slowness of yoga is not suitable for men, or men can’t reach the flexibility required for yoga. But now, there are many professional athletes practicing yoga to enhance their physical ability and aid muscle recovery from injury. Yoga is for everyone, who wants to seek peace within the human. As well as the desire to have a healthy life, no sickness, they can do yoga. Yoga would be an effective method to develop physically, mentally and spiritually for everyone.

You need to be fit to do yoga

Because of the popularity of these pictures illustrate yoga, many people still believe that yoga is only for those with good shape. It is difficult to find a video clip to teach yoga in which the instructor has a stocky body. But that does not reflect the face of yoga. Whether you skinny or obese, or have difficult exercise, yoga can still is your choice. Yoga also is the new sports for you to lose weight effectively. Just get the right instructions and acquainted with the movements, yoga will not harm you.

Yoga can’t help me lose weight

You might think that you would need fast and intense exercises to have weight-loss effects. Doing yoga is just so gentle, how can this help burn calories efficiently? Not necessarily. In fact, yoga has the ability to support weight loss by increasing your body metabolism. It also helps with controlling breathing, increasing strength, and reducing stress.

You need money to practice yoga

While necessary, yoga equipment should only act to provide a more comfortable experience when you practice yoga. They should not prevent you from doing yoga. One of the things most commercialized in yoga is a yoga mat, which many companies advertised as necessary to prevent sliding or to mark your space in the crowded yoga class.

Earlier in time, yoga has been done on the pitch, towels, carpets or bare wooden floors. Today, a small set of people who practicing yoga carries traditional ideas refuse to use carpet or accessories have been turned to commercial. More and more, yoga is also being introduced in disadvantaged communities, with classes being taught in schools with low-income neighborhoods and homeless shelters.

Yoga is the same as meditation

While yoga incorporates a part of meditation, it is not necessary meditation. In the early days of modern yoga in Western society, the main point is to focus on meditation and philosophical aspect. For most of them, the physical aspect is not of primary importance.

Since then, yoga has evolved. When we think of yoga today, we envision a firm body or sweating in a room full of yoga mats. People nowadays practice yoga to achieve physical fitness and flexibility. More than half of yoga enthusiasts in the US said physical fitness is their main motivation, according to a survey of Yoga Journal, and 78 percent say they are in it mainly to achieve flexibility.

Yoga has a great history and there are so much to find out about it. These fun facts about yoga are only a few things to start your conversation about yoga and get more people to practice with you.

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