Essential Equipments for Yoga Practitioners

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Update Date 04/12/2019
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It’s your first time going to a yoga class, is there anything you should bring? Normally, yoga studios will have some yoga equipment ready for your use. But if you want to practice yoga at home, or bring your own equipment, here is a quick break down of yoga equipment you should know.

A yoga guide

If you are a beginner in practicing yoga, you should have a book or a DVD for yoga exercise tutorial. Practicing a few poses as instructed at home can help you become familiar with yoga and be more confident before stepping in a yoga class. These tutorial books or practice yoga videos can help you choose yoga exercises that are suitable for your purposes.

Yoga workout clothes

When you practice yoga, you should choose clothes to fit the body. Go for soft, comfortable stretchy material to allow sweat soak through and easy to execute the pose. Wearing specialized clothes are best, but you can make do with a fitted T-shirt or shorts. When you practice yoga, barefoot is also an option for you to easily feel the floor and allow steadier grip. Don’t wear socks, they can cause you to slip during training.

Yoga mat

The yoga mat is an important item to make your yoga practice easier and comfortable, as well as protecting the body from injury during training. The yoga mat is a thin rubber rectangular mat that prevent slipping for the yogist. Yoga mats can also be made of other materials. The yoga mat should be soft enough to protect your body from rubbing on the hard floor, but firm enough to give a steady surface to keep your balance or have the correct posture.


Choose the type of towel material that absorbs sweat well as when you practice yoga, you need to remove sweat regularly to avoid slippage when performing the poses. You can roll the towels to use as a pillow to aid in difficult poses as well.


Yoga pillow is a tubular pillow or rectangular pillow, very useful when you need a hard surface to enhance the body or body set up. You can to use a yoga pillow under the hips, knees, neck or buttocks.

Yoga belt

Another very useful equipment is a belt for practicing yoga to aid in difficult poses. Imagine if you are not flexible enough yet to touch your toes with your hands, the belt will act as your extended arm.

Yoga blocks

Yoga blocks can help keep your balance, it will then allow you to become more flexible as well. It can support your head and neck during lying positions or support your weight during sitting and standing positions. It can also help support various poses by allowing you to hold that pose longer and better.

Yoga ball

If you want to practice yoga exercises in order to quickly get the body slimming, firming and supports the treatment of back pain, hip pain, the yoga ball is an important tool. A major benefit of using an unstable surface is the ability to use more muscle units without the need to increase the total load.

Regularly practice yoga will help you improve health, help the body flexible and supple. This is quite necessary equipment to support you during yoga, especially yoga outfit and yoga mat . These items will make it easier and more convenient for practicing yoga.

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