What to Notice When Wearing Contact Lens?

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Nowadays, contact lenses become commonly, it is an alternative to glasses. However, contact lenses are dangerous if you don’t know use rightly. Many people got an infection because of wearing it. So to prevent infection, let take these steps.

Thing you need to notice

Before switching to contact lenses, you should visit your eye doctor to consult advice before deciding. The doctor will check your eye and then they will give you appointment about contact lens.

Almost everyone can wear contact lenses but in some cases, you are recommended not to use. These conditions include:

  • Having infection
  • Having severe allergies reactions
  • Having specific about sight problem
  • Having exposed to amounts of dust or smoke

You need to know the risk of contact lenses. Whenever a foreign object is in the eye, your eyes can be injured or infected. That’s why you must follow your eye doctor’s instruction to know how to take care of your lenses. If you have troubles including eye discomfort, pain, redness, watery eyes, change of vision, etc have a test ưith your ophthalmology doctor as soon as possible.

How to care for your contact lenses?

If you use lenses every day, you must know the expiration and how long you have been using it, which depends on each person and type of lens you use. With hard contact lenses, it may take several weeks or for two months. For soft contact lenses, it usually may take several days or a week. At the first time you use contact lenses, you may experience some irritation, pinkeye, light sensitivity or tearing. If you are not get used to with it, you should take it once or twice times per week to avoid other problems.

Keeping your lens clean is the important thing you must take. Each type has another way to clean and store. For all lenses, you should always have sterile solutions. It’s dangerous if you use saline solution at home. The staff will provide instructions for proper care of your contact lenses when you buy it. People, especially teenagers, have a higher risk of losing their sight because of using nonprescription lenses.

Let choose a professional store to buy contact lenses and visit the doctor to be fitted for contact lenses.

The convenience of contact lenses is undeniable. But you must have the knowledge to protect your eye. The information above hopefully gives you a basic background if you want wearing contact lenses.

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Review Date: May 27, 2017 | Last Modified: December 4, 2019