What Causes Skin Moisture Loss

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Skin moisture loss depends on two particular conditions, either it is dehydrated or dry. Dehydrated skin condition referring to a circumstance where the skin is lacking with the content of water while dry skin referring to a condition of natural oil lacking which also called as sebum. Skin types can be categorized as a normal, dry, combination of normal and dry, and oily skin and we usually are born with one condition of skin and the condition can be different over time and season. Signs of skin moisture loss include having a scaly skin, the appearance of white flakes, redness and irritation. But what really causes the loss of moisture in our skin?

skin moisture

1. Ageing factor

Ageing is an innate process for everybody and over time, our body will be ageing even if we are not preparing for it. This is when the sebaceous gland activity declining, with the skin’s hydrator function is also decreasing. The skin’s capacity to reproduce lipids comprising the defensive lipid barrier layer of the Stratum Corneum also decreases with age. The blood flow to the skin is also declining which may lessen the production of natural oil or sebum.

skin moisture

2. Weather or environment influences

Prolonged exposure to the sun may cause water to evaporate quickly from the skin, which leads to dehydrated skin. Other than that, windy environment, cold winds sourced from conditioning units, heat from air heater and other condition of low temperature can also lead to dry skin as the moisture dry out faster from the skin. Too high or too low temperature may contribute to skin moisture loss and premature ageing.

3. Hot showers and bath

Taking hot showers or baths may be a great option especially during cold or winter season, but it doesn’t have to be in a long session. The combination of hot water with a long time of soaking can strip your skin of its natural protective oils, which may cause the skin to be dry. As another choice, you may switch to the warm bath and limit the time of shower to just around 10 minutes.

4. Being dehydrated

You may not feel thirsty in winter as much during the summer season, but your skin and body loss water in an everyday capacity by urinating, sweating or other external factors such as temperature and weather. Our bodies are made of 70 percent of liquid or water, and with enough water, it supports the growth and health of the body cells. Stay hydrated by drinking water to prevent the body from being dehydrated as it may affect the cell’s health.

5. Unbalanced pH level

Our skin is slightly acidic, due to its protective function from any bacteria and other environmental aggressors. Traditional soaps with a high level of alkaline can disrupt the pH level of the skin and cause the loss of the skin’s moisture. It is better for us to use a pH-balanced cleanser or facial wash to match the condition of a slightly acidic pH of the skin. You can also find a cleanser with surfactants which remove the dirt without damaging the skin’s epidermis.

When the skin has too much moisture loss due to a variant of factors, your skin may become irritated, itchy, dull complexion, darker under-eye circles and appearance of lines or wrinkles on the skin surface.  Other ways recommended preventing the loss of skin’s moisture include reducing coffee and other sources of caffeine, stop smoking, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and eat more fruits, legumes and vegetables.

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Review Date: February 11, 2019 | Last Modified: October 31, 2019

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